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Lighting is an important component of a well-designed kitchen. You need to choose the right lamps and pendants to provide an appropriate level of illumination and complement other aspects of your decor.

Lamps and pendants come in a range of styles and other dimensions including size and shape. There are also a wide variety of locations where they can get installed. Pendant lights, for example, are suspended from the ceiling on a cable, usually above the kitchen table or island.

The following are four tips for choosing the right lighting:

1) Consider functionality

Even during the daytime in a kitchen that receives plenty of sunshine, you might require certain kinds of interior illumination. For example, in an area of your kitchen devoted to close, careful food preparations, you might want to install extra lighting, focused on that portion of counter space (pendant lights, for instance, can deliver that extra dose of illumination to your island).

2) Find the right balance

Let’s say you’re purchasing pendants for your kitchen. If you install them in the wrong place or install the wrong number, your room might look imbalanced. Depending on the size and shape of the pendant, you might want to install two or three in a row, with the right spacing between them. You also have to take care that the room as a whole doesn’t have a lopsided appearance.

3) Measure distances carefully

It would be a shame to buy a lamp or pendant only to find out that it dangles much too close to kitchen surfaces or stops short too far away.

4) Keep decor in mind

The colors and materials making up your lamp play an important role in how it will fit in with the rest of your kitchen decor. The kind of shading on your lamp or pendant, for example, not only helps ease the glare of the light bulb; it also becomes a part of your kitchen’s style.
Quirky geometric shapes and bright colors can go well with a kitchen that has a modern look with many metal appliances. A brass or copper pendant could fit well with a kitchen full of warm, earthier tones and rich brown cabinetry. Certain materials, such as glass, can go well with a variety of kitchen styles, from traditional to modern. The strength of the lighting, and where you place the lamp or pendant, can bring out subtle colors in your kitchen.

Whatever look you’re going for, you’ll find lamps and pendants that suit your style and work on a practical level as well. Contact us for additional advice on selecting the right lighting for your kitchen.