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Most people think of the kitchen as the heart of the home since it’s where food is prepared. We want it to be aesthetic and functional as possible and go the extra mile to achieve our dream kitchen. However, such a venture is not without pitfalls. If you have an existing kitchen built over a decade ago, it certainly won’t meet modern standards for convenience and aesthetics. It may even have outdated fixtures and setups that can’t keep up with current demands.

Redesigning Your Kitchen

Consider redesigning your kitchen from the ground up. Though such kitchen renovation projects require careful planning and foresight, these considerations will help you ensure your new kitchen truly is a space where you can enjoy spending time. A modern kitchen requires a modern solution. Here’s a look.

Stick to the Current Kitchen Layout

Sticking to the current kitchen layout will help save you money. You won’t have to spend money on expensive and time-consuming reworks for plumbing, electric circuits, and gas lines. These reworks require dismantling existing walls and flooring just to layout new lines. You will have to make do with some design limitations. This option means that the fridge, outlets, fixtures, and sink will have to stay in place. If money is not a problem, do a complete kitchen redesign by all means, including re-routing all utilities and a completely new kitchen layout.

Seek Professional Help from Designers

Seeking professional help from designers can fine-tune what you’re envisioning for your kitchen redesign. If you want a spacious kitchen with a high ceiling, your designer can make it happen. They can offer invaluable advice so that your plans run smoothly until the end. Whether you prefer cove lighting or layered lights, flooring tiles or vinyl, and granite or quartz countertop, your designer can choose which item is most appealing for your kitchen—all per your preferences.
A designer can be the ultimate guide for your kitchen redesign. Their expertise fills in the gap on the technical side of things and can narrow down the considerations of which products to purchase, how to reconfigure walls and ceilings, or what type of appliance to choose. Having someone narrowing the choices makes life easier for you.

Go for Durable Flooring with Style

The kitchen flooring will certainly take a beating in the foreseeable future. Daily food preparation entails the inevitable spills, dishware drops, or kitchen dance parties, so you may want to consider a floor that is up to the task. Select something easy to clean, and that will wear well. The kitchen sees a lot of household traffic, so take some time with this selection.

Opt for Solid Countertops

Solid, smooth countertop material offers fewer grooves and corners for dirt, grease, oil, and bacterial build-up. Hence, making solid materials such as granite or quartz the ideal choice for kitchen countertops. They are easy to clean, but they also offer that natural stone allure that homeowners fancy.

Sufficient Lighting

Lighting is more than a design feature; it’s also one of the essential safety features of any kitchen. Working in a dimly lit space while cooking can lead to mistakes that result in injury. To fully illuminate your kitchen space, consider layering light using a mix of recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, and surface-mounted fixtures.

Give Your Kitchen Some Personality

The final piece of any great kitchen is its great personality. The look and feel of a kitchen is another important aspect because it’s this trait that swoops your guests off their feet and determines whether you have a kitchen that you can treasure. Stay away from commercial subway tiles, industrial furniture, or overall white color as it can look industrialized and utilitarian. You want space where you can enjoy spending time, not feel like a sterile commercial kitchen. Colorful backsplashes, stained furniture, custom cabinets, accent pieces, and flooring will give your kitchen personality.

The bottom line is: functionality and personality should be balanced. A kitchen can be highly functional complete with fixtures and appliances but have a sterile feel. Don’t forget to add a little spark of yourself.

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