All These Cabinets, What’s Best?

Cabinets are prepared in three ways: custom built, semi-custom built and stock. All three are different and understanding the structure of each is crucial in helping you determine which one is ideal for your situation.

Stock Cabinetsopen cabinet

These are built, then cartooned before being warehoused. They are based on industry standards of sizing. These sizing standards start from 9 inches all the way to 48 inches with 3-inch increments from one size to the next.  There are also specifications on the base and height dimensions for vanity, wall and tall cabinets.

Because they aren’t not made following a client’s order, there is a limit on the sizes that you can you can choose. Additionally, stock cabinets don’t provide room for modifications so you are stuck with what you buy irrespective of whether it meets your specific needs.

The advantage of stock cabinets, however, is the fact that you if you need  a solution urgently, they are easily available and cheaper than custom ones. The instillation process should be relatively easy as well.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

semi-custom cabinets Semi-custom cabinets come with a wide range of selection including all options available in stock cabinets. Moreover, they offer the options of modifications for some of the options available. These types of cabinets allow the homeowner a lot of freedom to tailor make their space to achieve desired style and size.

Some of the popular options available for semi-custom cabinets include:

  • Flush to Space
  • Reduced Width
  • Increased Depth
  • Extended Stiles
  • Reduced Depth

There are other types of semi-custom cabinets on the market but these are among the most popular. When purchasing, it is important to buy them from a store or manufacturer who will be able to give you additional information that will help lead you in your purchasing decision.

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are usually made by local cabinetmakers some of whom cabinets other than in kitchen-edgewood cabinetry-clayton ncsell semi-custom and stock cabinets. Custom makers often have shops furnished to produce cabinet boxes, drawers, face frame and doors.

Custom cabinets give a client the freedom to construct and design the exact specifications that they want. There is no standard sizing for custom cabinets as you would find with stock ones. Sizes are produced based on what is needed. This means that the interior of the cabinets can be open and without partitions and this provides greater capacity for storage and flexibility.

There are limitations to custom cabinet making but generally, they offer more options and a wider range of designs to choose from. It is important to note that custom cabinets cost more than the semi-custom and stock. The value you get from custom cabinets, however, is worth every penny and more.

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