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Black is one of the most dreaded colors for kitchen décor. People usually prefer brighter and more inviting colors. However, you can integrate the color black into your décor and end up with a fantastic outcome. Black might be a hard color to use overall, but it is a beautiful accent for any kitchen. Here are some ways to use black in your kitchen cabinets Raleigh NC.

Black Cabinetry

Dark cabinets are one of the most exciting and notable kitchen trends today. After years of all white and neutral designs, black has emerged, defying all expectations. The power of black cabinets projects a robust and modern style. The idea of using black cabinetry is easy; implementing it is still hard.

Use Black as an Accent

Many people are interested in using black in their cabinetry but do not dare to make black a primary color in the overall kitchen style. Using black to accent different pieces serves as a strong focal point. Kitchen islands are perfectly suited for dark cabinets. Standalone cabinets also work well as a go-to option for using dark-color accent pieces. Black countertops can make other colors pop.

Adapt Look to Different Styles

One of the most versatile colors is black – it goes with every other color. It has many options that represent an excellent opportunity and significant challenges. However, without proper and strategic styling, the tone can make your space seem dreary or drab. Black won’t work with all kitchens and styles, so approach with caution where and how much it’s used.

Spice Up Black’s Elegance

Dark cabinets are beautiful and look refined on their own. Suppose you want to take this sophistication up a notch. In that case, you can enhance the cabinets by incorporating gold-colored hardware, accents, or trim.

Use Sleek Additions to Increase the Contemporary Appeal

Black is a unique color that can evoke a classic style and edgy trends. If you go for a contemporary design, the emphasis must be on clean lines instead of the color itself. If you prefer a sleek, modern look, you can go for slab doors or flat panels. Open shelving is also an excellent option for a kitchen featuring dark colors. Glossy versus matte finish is another consideration – each creates a different feel.

Keeping it Traditional

For those who go for a traditional look, you can achieve the results with decorative elements such as black crown molding or intricate hardware. Display these on raised or flat panel cabinets.

The Farmhouse Look

The farmhouse look is a challenging style to incorporate black. The key to success is giving this trend a modern twist. Use brushed finishes. This technique can mean light-colored brushes on dark cabinets or dark-colored brushes on light cabinets. This “distressed” look can be made trendy using nonconventional color combinations.

Edgewood Cabinetry

Dark colors require a little more creativity to make the most out of them. Be bold and try a style that makes your space unique. Edgewood Cabinetry can create custom kitchen cabinets Raleigh NC. We offer you various designs where dark cabinets can be integrated to reflect your style and personality. Call us today at 919-339-7300.