7 Surprising Areas To Add Custom Cabinets

Usually, you add custom cabinets to your kitchen, but that’s not the only room that deserves custom cabinetry. In fact, you can make over your entire home just by adding the right cabinets.

Since cabinets are all about helping your with storage and organization, imagine how nice it’d be to have cabinets throughout your home.

By opting for custom cabinets, you get the perfect size and storage you need for your exact space. With no compromises, you’re able to organize your home the way you want.

1. Living Room

Living rooms and family rooms are often overlooked with it comes to custom cabinetry. However, they’re the perfect place to add custom cabinets. Usually, you have magazines, electronics, remotes and maybe even kids’ toys. You might even want a place to store a few extra blankets or pillows to lounge on the couch while watching TV.

Turning your entertainment center into custom cabinets that perfectly fit your electronics, books, magazines and everything else makes your entire living room look more spacious and organized. You can also have cabinets behind your couch or along a wall.

2. Hallways

Hallways are probably one of the most surprising places to add custom cabinets. While you don’t have much space, thinner cabinets work well to give you easy access to coats, gloves and hats if you don’t have a hallway closet. You can also add small bins to store toys, blankets and more.

3. Garage

Often, people opt for pre-built cabinets in their garages or just shelving units. But, you can makeover your garage with custom cabinets. Get the perfect storage for all the random stuff that gets stored in the garage. You can create custom storage for tools, set up closed shelving to keep dirt and dust off of your holiday decorations and packed away keepsakes.

Instead of everything falling off of shelves, it’s neatly tucked away out of sight. Your garage looks nicer and you have the optimal storage. You could even turn part of your garage into a custom mudroom.

4. Laundry Room

Detergents, towels and your iron all deserve a nice place to stay. That’s why it’s a great idea to add custom cabinets to your laundry room. Instead of just a barebones washer and dryer with a shelf, get cabinets to store everything. You can even add a foldaway ironing board inside a cabinet and a drying rack between cabinets.

It’s also a great place to store extra towels and bedding. Or, use it as temporary storage for clean clothes for each member of the household to collect.

5. Closet

Closets don’t always have the most space. However, whether it’s a small coat closet or a large bedroom closet, custom cabinets make a good addition. With custom cabinets, you don’t have to worry about whether they’ll fit or not. In fact, you could even use cabinets to transfer a medium-sized closet into a home office. A few cabinets and a chair is all you really need to go from closet to office.

6. Dining Room

Usually, dining rooms get a hutch or no real storage at all. But, your dining room is a great place to display your fine china, store extra silverware, keep tablecloths or just have some extra space for larger countertop appliances you don’t use all that often. You can add custom cabinets along one wall or even use cabinets as a divider between your kitchen and dining room if they’re made together.

7. Bedroom

For bedroom furniture, you usually have a nightstand, chest of drawers and dresser. Most people don’t think about using cabinets, though. You can build a custom wardrobe or cabinets that serve as a chest of drawers, but fit your clothing better.

For a kid’s room, cabinets are the perfect addition. Kids can store their toys, shoes and more. They can even use the top of cabinets as a play area. Plus, their rooms might just look neater.

If you’re ready to add custom cabinets throughout your home, contact Edgewood Cabinetry today to discuss your projects.

Image: Curtis Adams