kitchen layout-edgewood cabinetry

If you’re in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel you probably already know that the first step in concocting a new design is to accurately measure your kitchen.

What you may not know is exactly how to do that! Here are five measuring tips to remember that will help to ensure accuracy and your complete satisfaction with the final product.

1) Pick the right tools:  It doesn’t take anything fancy to measure a kitchen but you do need to make sure you have accurate measuring tools including: a straight edge ruler and yardstick, lockable tape measure and, if you plan to use it, graph paper.

2) Break it down: Before you begin measuring draw a rough draft of your kitchen. Include the obvious details like windows, doors and walls but don’t forget to look for less obvious things like heating or cooling units and exposed or hidden pipes. Note everything on your chart and leave space by each item to record the measurements!

3) Follow a logical pattern: As with any home improvement project it’s best to have a plan. When measuring, follow a logical pattern so you don’t miss anything – many experts recommend following a simple clockwise pattern but do what seems best for your thought process and the unique layout of your kitchen. Most importantly? Consistency. Once you pick a system stick to it so you don’t miss anything.

4) Don’t forget the details: One of the key things that is often overlooked is the trim around windows and doorways – make sure to include it in your measurements and to keep a careful eye out for unusual measuring details like varying ceiling heights and recessed flooring in your kitchen.

5) Check your work: When you’re done measuring take the time to carefully check your work. Though it may seem repetitive at the time catching errors early on will save you headaches in the long run!

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