edgewood custom cabinetry

At heart, are you a master chef? Is cooking one of your serious passions, and do you have high standards for the food you make and eat?

If you’re devoted to high-quality food and take pleasure in its preparation and consumption, you might want to look into designing a gourmet kitchen for your home.

The following are five qualities of a successful gourmet kitchen:

1) Easy-to-clean surfaces

If you’re using your kitchen frequently to make delicious food, it would need to have surfaces that are difficult to damage and easy to clean. For example, a hardwood floor would need to be sealed to protect against spills. Granite is a popular choice for counters, not least because they look elegant, but quartz is even hardier and more resistant to damage. You would want to have a beautiful and sturdy backsplash on the wall behind the stove; maybe it would be made of stainless steel or plate glass.

2) Professional appliances

If you’re doing heavy-duty cooking, for example, you may want a double oven and also a warming drawer; your range should also be top-notch and possibly come with extra features such as a grilling surface. In addition to your central fridge and freezer, you may opt to have a smaller refrigerator drawer built into the cabinetry, where you can store wine or other items that need to be kept cool.

Regardless of what you decide on, functionality is the primary objective; your appliances need to work well and help you produce excellent results. After you’ve decided on the appliances you need, you would then have to figure out how to make them fit in beautifully with the overall look of your kitchen.

3) Sensible Layout

You want the overall layout of your kitchen to make sense and suit your needs. For example, let’s say you love to bake. You might want to have one of your counters a little bit lower to use as a place for kneading and rolling dough.

You would also want to have certain appliances grouped together so you wouldn’t have to keep trotting back-and-forth across the kitchen, possibly spilling things along the way, during a critical stage in your cooking.

Dividing up your kitchen into different areas, including having an area devoted to food prep, makes sense. For instance, consider installing an island. Not only could it be used for extra storage space and also food preparation; it also serves as a place for your family, friends and other admirers to sit around and savor what you’re making (and help out, if you want them to).

4) Impeccable organization

You want the organization of all of your appliances, utensils, and ingredients to be impeccable. In the middle of cooking, you should know where everything is and be able to access it easily.

Especially if your kitchen is on the smaller side, you’ll need to get creative about maximizing the use of your space. But even for larger kitchens, efficient cabinetry and drawers are essential. When planning your kitchen, think about where you would want to put everything. Would you want a built-in spice rack, maybe one that rolls out from the wall and can be tucked out of sight when it isn’t in use? Where and how would you organize your knives? Consider what kinds of objects you’d want to keep out of reach of children, while still being within your reach.

5) Personal style

If you’re going to be in your kitchen a lot, you want to enjoy your time there. The kitchen is your personal domain. You’re the chef. It needs to look the way you want it to look. So consider, for example, what kinds of moldings you want on your cabinetry. Think about what color scheme you favor. You can also be eclectic, seamlessly combining different styles; you can have a kitchen that has a gentle, traditional look overall, but with some cutting-edge appliances or stainless steel fixtures that show you mean serious business.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to further discuss creating a gourmet kitchen. Investing in a gourmet kitchen can give you years of personal enjoyment and memorable culinary creations, along with the possibility of increasing the value of your home.