Edgewood cabinetry custom cabinetsKitchen pantries have existed for centuries; they are where chefs store their essential items and recipes. The pantry started as a separate room for storage and evolved into a built-in cabinet within the kitchen. Today’s kitchen pantry design revolves around the concept of saving space while maximizing functionality.

Generally, there are two types of kitchen pantries. One type is a walk-in pantry that is a separate room. The second is a built-in pantry. Today’s built-in pantries are the most common, and it is what we usually see in homes.  Here are some types of pantries to consider when designing a custom cabinet for your kitchen.

Pull-out Pantry

Pull-out pantries are designed to utilize the vertical space of the kitchen, reducing its footprint area. It has a mechanism wherein you can pull the entire shelving unit (usually two-sided), allowing complete storage access in one opening. Its ease of storage access will enable you to organize better items, reducing clutter, and making your kitchen tasks more manageable. Various things can be accessed that otherwise would have gotten lost in the corners of standard cabinetry. For those homeowners requiring more storage, especially avid cooks, a pull-out pantry can be designed as a full-height cabinet with thick shelving.

Roll-out Pantry

Roll-out pantries are an oversized drawer. Each row can be independently pulled out, which allows partial storage access in one opening. However, you need to pull each row to access storage completely. For this reason, organizing and retrieving items can become more tedious. Roll-out pantries can be expanded the same way as pull-out pantries; however, each row must be labeled and properly organized to avoid the painstaking task of pulling each row out. Roll-out pantries are a step down in functionality as compared to pull-out pantries, while its storage to footprint area is the same as pull-out pantries.

Standard Cabinet Pantry

Standard cabinet pantries are shelves inside a cabinet. It is designed horizontally and with reduced depth to accommodate storing items and have ease of access. Its design reduces deep corners, which are difficult to reach. To save on wall space, one can opt for a full-height cabinet. Its only downside would be items are not within an arm’s length.

Portable Pantry

A portable pantry is only used in kitchens with tight space. This unit is a small cupboard mounted on wheels. Its mobility is useful in a small kitchen wherein it can be placed anywhere, depending on the need. However, it has limited storage capacity and is suited only for homeowners that rarely cook.

If you are considering remodeling or upgrading your kitchen, consider the needs and preferences when choosing a kitchen pantry. There are numerous choices available. The right choice will significantly improve your kitchen lifestyle and can save you precious time in handling and accessing items.

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