The Best Ways to Store Your Spices

As a homeowner, you are always looking for new and better ways to improve your home, small changes can have big long term effects. The main focus of this article is the kitchen, and specifically how you store your spices and herbs. How do you store your spices? Most of us just place them on a single shelf and push things to the front as we use them, meaning older or lesser-used spices are going to populate the back. Other people prefer to have them better organized and grouped up so they can be found and used easier. There are many ways you can improve your spice cabinet, and we’re going to go into some of those!

Three Nifty Ideas for Storing Spices

  1. Custom cabinets for spice rack drawers: The beauty about this option is you can dictate exact size and parameters according to what you think you need. You also have the luxury of building it where you want it instead of trying to fit it in somewhere. You even get to decide what material and look you want overall. This could help your storage space blend with the entire home if your home has a theme. Just having complete control over your storage solution is fantastic, you can get exactly what you want and you don’t have to settle for whatever pre-made thing fits in your kitchen. It makes being organized fun!
  2. Open shelving: This is the most common means of storing spice. It simply requires a flat open base area for you to put and access all of your spices from. It is the most economical way and is common in most homes. The beauty of it is that you are able to see all the spices at once. You are also able to reach out and grab anything that you want as you cook without having to open a drawer of shelf door. You can also tell when you’re running low on something with ease. So make use of that free wall and stack some shelves for your spices.
  3. Pull out spice rack doors and spice racks: This is a good option for people who value privacy and uniformity. People that prefer this tend to be fans of more organized things, not wanting all their spices to just be out in the open. The pull out drawer both reduces the risk of accident of breakage and adds a certain degree of class as you don’t have to look at a bunch of unorganized spices at all times. This can go a long way towards making your kitchen look better and making your life easier.

Don’t just settle for keeping your spices in a cabinet where you can barely access them, or on a counter where they look bad and out of place. Get a nice but simple storage option and you’ll never have to worry about it again. Having all the things you need organized and arranged just makes your life that much easier. We create some of the finest custom cabinets and storage options around, if you need it built we can do it.