A beautiful, well-designed kitchen is a showpiece for any household. Now when we talk about a well-designed kitchen, we start to ponder over appliances, tiling, and other details but tend to forget one essential part. Cabinetry is the foundation of the room, and it is mandatory to plan proper shelving and cabinets before proceeding with other details. The sequential order, while remodeling or constructing a new kitchen should be hiring a well-trained designer to design your kitchen, then planning the cabinets and finally purchasing appliances and kitchen goods to fit in the cabinet based on their sizes. If you’re still not sure as to why cabinet designing must be prioritized over other stuff, consider these reasons:

Why You Need to Design Around Your Cabinets

Edgewood Cabinetry home tips kitchen cabinetsPlanning and space utilization: As mentioned previously, cabinetry forms the foundation of any kitchen. You can always exchange your appliances for newer ones, but cabinet building can only be changed while undergoing renovations. Most people are not fond of the exhausting task of redesigning and renovating frequently. Once the cabinets have been designed, overall placement, sizes, and adjustment of everything else can be decided.

Budget-friendly: It’s better to prioritize cabinetry and invest appropriately in quality so that there is no need to spend again and again to make adjustments. Cabinets should sustain throughout the lifetime of the home. Updating the kitchen can then be done by replacing doors, tiles, or lighting as per the resident’s changing mood or the latest interior decorating trends.

Don’t Cheap Out on Cabinetry

Edgewood Cabinetry kitchen cabinets Raleigh NCDo not skimp the budget when deciding on cabinetry. Overall budget allocation to cabinets should be around 30-50% of the total remodeling budget. Don’t exchange the dollar investment on this crucial element for purchasing some sophisticated fridge, microwave, or other feature that has a much shorter lifespan; however, if the budget is very low, save money on the countertops. Countertops are much easier to upgrade and less expensive than changing out cabinetry.

Custom-made cabinetry allows the client to get exactly what they want in the space available. Many space-saving elements can be incorporated into a small space. For more home tips on the best cabinetry for your kitchen, contact Edgewood Cabinetry at 919-339-7300.