The right kitchen storage solutions make your entire kitchen easier to use. You’ll even be able to forget about rummaging around looking for that perfect pot or pan. Some storage solutions are as simple as adding a shelf or organizer. Others might require custom-built cabinets for your specific storage needs. The best part about choosing storage options for your kitchen is you can customize them the way you want. After all, you should always have the kitchen of your dreams.

Roll-Out Island Storage

The Ultimate Kitchen Storage Solutions For 2020Are you making the most of your kitchen island? Add roll-out shelves behind cabinet doors to easily reach larger countertop appliances, baskets of root vegetables and anything else you need easy access to. With fold-down legs built into one of the shelves, you can even convert it to a small desk for kids to help out. If you don’t have an island, you can always custom build a portable kitchen island to fit your space better.

Open Shelves For Easy Access

Who has time to deal with doors and drawers? One of the top kitchen storage solutions for 2020 is open shelving.  These provide easy access to your most-used pots, pans, utensils, plates and more. Plus, it adds a bit of decoration to your kitchen, as long as you keep everything stacked and stored neatly. Use hooks under shelves to hang utensils and potholders. You can even add a shelf over any windows for more storage.

Cabinet Slots

Home Kitchen Makeover On A BudgetIt’s never fun trying to get the right baking pans, cutting boards and serving trays when they’re usually stacked on top of each other. They might even be underneath a stack of pots in the back of the cabinet. Customize your kitchen storage by adding vertical slots for your more slender items to slip into. Then, you’re able to reach what you want without dealing with any stacks.

Sink Storage

The faux drawer at your sink doesn’t have to be fake. In fact, turn into storage for sponges and small cleaning brushes. A small, slanted drawer pulls out just enough to fit a few small items. While it might not seem like much, it keeps at least a few more items off of your countertops.

Miniature Pull Out Pantry

While a walk-in pantry is always wonderful to have, you might not always have room. Or, maybe you need even more kitchen storage space. Either way, opt for a miniature pull out pantry. These are small custom pantries that slide between two cabinets. They’re usually wide enough to store spices, cans of foods, cleaning supplies and other smaller kitchen supplies.

Pantry Doors Inside Cabinets

Miniature pantry not quite enough? Try pantry doors inside cabinets. While you’ll need to reinforce the cabinet doors to prevent sagging, add several inches of extra space inside your cabinet doors. This is a great addition to cabinets that typically store larger items, but don’t completely fill the cabinet.

Pot And Plate Drawers

A popular kitchen storage trend for 2020 is skipping cabinets when it comes to pots and plates. Instead, store it all in drawers. Instead of having to reach up to into cabinets for your breakable plates, you reach down into a drawer. Instead of trying to dig out pots in the back of cabinets, you simply pull out a drawer. Consider using pegs to create custom dividers for your plates and even bowls to stack between.

Custom Wine Storage

Your options are wide open when it comes to wine storage in your kitchen. As long as it’s a cool, darker place, you’re all set. Kitchen islands with custom wine racks built in work extremely well. You might also consider adding a wine rack under open shelves that connect the shelves to the countertop.

Corner Drawers

What are you supposed to do with that awkward corner space? A Lazy Susan doesn’t have to be the only answer. Instead, try corner drawers. They look a little weird when you pull them out, but they offer a far deeper storage space and it makes getting to things much easier.

If you’re ready to customize your kitchen storage, contact us today to find out how Edgewood Cabinetry can help make your kitchen easier to use.

Image: Cooktime