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You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen, come up with some great ideas, and set a budget.

Unfortunately, going over on a remodeling budget is a common complaint.

How can you avoid those kitchen remodel budget buster blues and keep your budget on track?

Here are ten of the most common reasons for a kitchen remodel budget going bust:

Starting in a rush

This is a major project with lots of decisions to make. Budgeting time for design and decision-making beforehand will prevent costly mistakes later.

Not hiring an experienced designer

A good designer can help you get the kitchen you want at a budget you can afford.

Dilly-dallying over decisions

Not choosing paint colors, tile, faucet, cabinet hardware, etc. is like throwing a monkey wrench in the works. The tile guys can’t finish their work on schedule if you decide that you just have to have that special-order tile for the backsplash, after all. Remember, delays equal money!

Changing your mind – a lot

Everyone changes their mind about something during a remodel. However, making frequent changes can cause a domino effect. Changing your mind about the sink at the last minute might mean rescheduling the plumber!

Oh, and make sure everyone knows about any changes you’ve made. Otherwise, you may discover you’re paying to have things undone.

Stretching the budget with the contingency fund

Every remodeling project needs a contingency fund. Any time you’re dealing with electrical, plumbing, or even walls, there will be surprises. That’s why you need a contingency fund.

If you raid the contingency fund in order to buy that fabulous (but pricey!) apron-front sink or antique light fixture, what will you do if a nasty surprise shows up?

Distracting the workers

Talk to them about the job, of course, but don’t just chit-chat or get in their way. Especially don’t let your kids and pets get in their way! Not only is it dangerous, but do you really want to pay them for helping you catch the cat that darted out the door while the drywall was coming in?

Not keeping track of what you’re spending!

It is so easy to spend a few dollars more for an upgraded faucet or prettier light fixture or… After all, it’s just a few dollars more – until it isn’t! A few dollars here and there can add up to hundreds or even thousands if you don’t keep a running total.

Accept the reality that if you want to spend a little more on one item on your wish list, you’ll have to spend less on another.

Adding extras

If you didn’t need a wine fridge at the beginning of the project, you probably don’t need it now.

As long as you’re here…

Contractors carefully schedule their workers’ and subcontractor’s time. If you ask the plumber to fix the leaky faucet upstairs, you’re throwing off that careful schedule. Guess who’s going to pay?

Not listening to your designer and contractor 

You hired them because they have the experience and expertise that you lack. Their suggestions will often help keep your project on budget – and on time!

 A lot of different elements must work together harmoniously in a kitchen. If you want your new kitchen to come together as a beautiful and functional workspace, contact us. We can help you achieve that – and stay on budget in the process!