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Storage is an ongoing problem in most kitchens.

Just when you think you’ve found a home for everything, that new must-have appliance comes out.

Or dear Aunt Elsie gives you a set of hand-embroidered dish towels that you know won’t last a week if you leave them out in your busy kitchen.

So, how do you cram more storage into your already packed kitchen? We’ve rounded up a dozen of the most popular kitchen storage ideas. These run the gamut from hideaway trash and recycling bins to a shallow drawer that’s perfect for Aunt Elsie’s treasured dish towels.

An organized pantry

This is high on most people’s wish list! Installing custom organizers makes it easy to keep your pantry neatly organized.

Dedicated spice storage

Many home cooks have expanded their cooking repertoire to include international dishes. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme are no longer enough when you’ve added dishes like pad thai, moussaka, and chicken tikka masala to your dinner menus! It’s easier to make these delicious dishes when your spices are neatly organized and easily visible.

Rolling cart

A rolling cart with a butcher block top offers additional prep space, storage, and the convenience of moving it to where you need it the most at the moment.

Corner drawers

It seems like there has never been a really good storage solution for those kitchen corners – until now. An ingenious set of long drawers can tuck some much-needed storage into that awkward corner. A good cabinet designer can even design the drawers to fit what you need to put in them!

Vertical utensil drawer

If you love storing your most-used utensils vertically in bins, but also love uncluttered countertops, this is the drawer for you!

Multi-level drawers

Adding an extra, movable shallow drawer in the top of a deeper drawer gives you a handy place to store things like cookie cutters, potholders and trivets, or Aunt Elsie’s dish towels. You can even install several  levels if your drawer is deep enough!

Drawer dividers

Dividing a drawer into multiple configurations allows you to have a place for everything. It also makes it easy to put everything back in its place! 

Vertical storage for large flat items

Vertical dividers will let you store large flat items like cookie sheets, muffin pans, cooling racks, and cutting boards neatly and efficiently. No more pulling out the entire stack because the piece you need is inevitably on the bottom!

Full-extension slides

Adding these slides allows you to easily reach everything in your cabinets by pulling out the whole shelf. Replacing the cabinet doors with drawer fronts makes them even more convenient!

Under-sink pullouts

The area under the sink is a popular place to keep cleaning supplies. The only problem is trying to find that can of cleanser that’s hiding somewhere in those deep, dark crevices. The solution is to install a large shallow drawer or set of wire baskets that pull out to expose all of your cleaning supplies to the light of day.

Pullout trash and recycling bins

These bins free up floor space while keeping the trash handy. They also make recycling easy. You can get a four bin setup that will even let you sort the recyclables!

Well, there you have it – the dozen best storage solutions for your kitchen. When you’re ready to implement them in your kitchen, contact us.