Especially for families with children, the mudroom can be almost as important as the kitchen or bathroom for getting everyone ready and out the door in the morning.  They’re also the perfect space for catching muddy shoes and sports equipment before they make it into the house and onto your carpet or tile.
Creating the perfect mudroom is a cinch with multi-level cabinets from Edgewood Cabinetry.  You can carry your existing kitchen cabinets through to the mudroom, or choose a complementary stain of a more durable material.  Multi-level cabinets give you the ability to store coats, shoes, and sports stuff down low where your kids can reach them, while keeping breakable or less kid-friendly items up high and out of reach.
Space providing, Edgewood Cabinetry can also install one of the most important elements of any great mudroom: a bench.  Especially for younger children, a bench to sit on while tying shoes and putting on jackets is a must-have, and we can build one that matches seamlessly with your cabinetry, giving your room a custom, high-end look.  There’s no need to sacrifice style in a room that’s all about function.
And if your mudroom space doubles as a laundry area, we can install custom multi-level cabinets to accommodate your washing machine and dryer, as well as plenty of space for storing your detergent and other supplies.
There’s really no limit to what we can do to maximize the organizational potential in your space.  Contact us to see samples of our previous mudroom designs, and to find inspiration for your own!