You could go with a cookie-cutter hutch design, but it’s the handcrafted pieces that truly stand out in your home or office.

Extra care goes into handcrafted wood furniture. A custom hutch instantly adds an extra elegance to any room and continues to look great for generations.

Plus, you get the benefits of a hutch designed specifically for your needs. Pre-fabricated hutches never quite live up to what you need them to be.

Stand The Test Of Time

Why choose a handcrafted hutch design? Instead of particle board and plexiglass, handcrafted hutches are made from real wood. The hardware is made of durable metals. The end result is a hutch that will stand the test of time. Instead of you needing to buy a new one in 5-10 years, you have something that you’ll be happy to pass down to your children one day.

Choose An Experienced Builder

Not everyone can build an elegant hutch customized for your home. The first step to achieving handcrafted excellence is to choose a proven builder. Not only should they know how to work with a wide variety of woods and finishes, but they should be able to take your design idea and turn it into a reality.

At Edgewood Cabinetry, we work extensively with every client to help turn their visions into stunning finished products using only the best wood and hardware.

Unique Designs

Your hutch design should reflect your personality and the atmosphere of your home. It’s only with handcrafted hutches that you get unique designs that fit your home perfectly. From the most simple hutch to intricately carved molding, you choose the look you want to last a lifetime.

For instance, you may want doors with glass panels or solid doors. You may want drawers in the bottom half or just shelves. Some have a roll-top desk style, while others simply have a flat top in the middle. It’s all up to you and by working with an expert builder, you get the design that best suits your needs.

Choose The Right Wood

When you buy directly from a store, you don’t get any options as it pertains to the wood used. Many furniture stores use pine because it’s cheaper, but pine tends to scratch and dent more than other woods. Plus, different woods tend to change color as they age or they may react to stains differently.

It’s important to carefully consider what type of wood you want to use for your hutch design. Before you fall in love with any specific wood, look over the pros and cons of different woods. In most cases, oak and walnut tend to be popular, but are more expensive. A more budget-friendly wood is maple, which still holds up well over time. Cherry is a nice option, especially if you like the natural red color, but it tends to be much more expensive.

Another thing to consider is the look of natural grain. Pre-fabricated pieces don’t have the same natural look. The grain never looks right, if there is any grain at all. Part of the beauty behind handcrafted hutches is the unique personality the grain gives each piece. It’s easy to create an elegant or antique style just by choosing the right wood.

Custom Finishes

The final step to achieving the handcrafted excellence that makes your hutch design stand out is choosing the right finish. Depending on the wood you choose, you’ll want to be careful about what type of stain or paint you choose. For instance, some woods tend to absorb more stain, which may result in a much darker color than intended.

Experienced wood builders know which stains and paints work best with which woods. They also know how to give you a matte or shiny finish. You could also choose between a more modern finish or go with an aged antique look.

Are you ready to add a handcrafted hutch to your home? Contact us today to see how our expert builders can bring your design to life.

Image: Wikimedia Commons / Daderot