wet bar edgewood cabinetry

Summer entertaining is officially underway. For some reason, inviting family and friends over in the summer seems much less complicated than other seasons, but homeowners often find themselves still frustrated with the same issues. If you find yourself wanting to add a hutch, buffet or wet bar, but can’t seem to figure out the logistics, you may just need to get creative.

These types of custom add-ons create solutions for entertaining, by providing a space to place food or drinks so guests can help themselves without having to get into the kitchen workspace. They also provide additional storage for items such as an ice bucket, glassware, liquor, paper products, table linens, and other supplies you use frequently.

If you feel you would benefit from a buffet, wet bar, or hutch, but just don’t think you have the space for one, examine your space carefully. Often there is a spot in or near the kitchen where a small, custom piece can be integrated into your current space. Maybe there’s just a small nook, empty wall space, or a corner that could be used. We can work with whatever space you find to create a built-in that will look great and increase the functionality of your kitchen.

If you would like to consider one of these items in your home, but are afraid it would be too obtrusive, remember a custom piece is built to fit the space. Maybe full-size cabinetry would jut out too far, but we can create a hutch, wet bar, or buffet with cabinetry of a smaller depth, allowing you to get the piece you want with sometimes just a little bump-out into the room.

There’s still plenty of time to add a custom feature to your home and get some use out of it this summer. Whether you’re looking for a wet bar to serve margaritas, a buffet to put out some of your famous appetizers, or a hutch to store and show off your favorite dishes, we can figure out a way to integrate these items into your home even if you think you’re out of space.

For more information on custom creations and storage solutions for your kitchen, contact us.