Custom built-in cabinets aren’t just for kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, there are numerous ways to add unique cabinets to unusual spaces in your home.

From transforming your kid’s bedroom to turning doorways into extra storage, the possibilities are endless. Custom cabinets give you the chance to create the storage of your dreams.

Maximize the space in your home by discovering some unusual areas where you just might want cabinets.

Turning Small Spaces Into Offices

Have a small corner or medium-sized closet available? Turn a small space into an office easily. A row of top and bottom cabinets give you storage, while a small cubby gives you room to slide in a chair to work. You could even incorporate a fold-out chair into the cabinets for added space.

Transforming Closets

Closets don’t have to just be rods and a few shelves. Keep shoes from falling everywhere with a thin slide-out cabinet. Shoes stay safely tucked away and hidden when you’re not wearing them. Add a few cabinets in the back to store off-season clothing in compressed bags.

Organizing Your Living Room

We’re quite proud of the built-in cabinets we did for the living room in the featured image for this post. Most living rooms don’t have much storage outside of maybe a bookcase or curio cabinet. By adding storage along the walls, we transformed a simple entertainment center into so much more. There is storage, counter space and even a small space to pull up a chair.

Maximizing Corners

Why should corners just collect dust? Custom built-in cabinets can be made to fit perfectly in corners. A curved front looks stylish and provides plenty of space to store collectibles, shoes (great addition to a small mudroom), remotes/controllers and anything else you want. These are great for bedrooms where you might need a little extra storage.

Customizing To Your Storage Needs

Built-in cabinets can fit pretty much any storage need. Use floor-to-ceiling cabinets, just upper cabinets or just lower cabinets. Make them as thin or wide as you want. Have them fit into that tiny space between your toilet and wall or turn your nightstand into a functioning desk for journaling. It’s all up to you.

Turning Stairs Into Storage

Stairs are nice, but think of all the wasted space. Stairs tend to be one of those unusual spaces that is perfect for cabinets. You can turn each step into a storage bin. Another option is to add cabinets underneath the staircase. A pull-out cabinet unit works well, even for tight spaces.

Transforming Doorways

Most doorways have space around the frame. There could easily be 5-10 inches between the top of the door and the ceiling. Why let all the space waste? Create built-in cabinets around the frame to store anything you want. Most people prefer to store decorative items. This is a great option around kitchen doors for storing often-used items, such as measuring cups, timers and more.

Adding Sliding Storage In Your Bathroom

If you have any small areas of your bathroom, there’s an opportunity to add extra storage space. Create a sliding cabinet to store extra rolls of toilet paper. Keep toiletries hidden away, but neatly organized with a thin sliding cabinet between the wall and your sink. All you need is a small area to make a big difference.

Using Recessed Cabinets Everywhere

Recessed cabinets are ideal for unusual spaces. Create an open recessed cabinet above trim molding along your wall. This is perfect if you don’t have much space, but need a little extra storage. While the shelves can’t usually be too deep, they’ll help with knick-knacks, commonly used items, kids’ toys, DVD/CD storage, books and much more.

Inspiring Your Built-In Cabinets Solutions

Having a hard time envisioning all these possibilities? Not a problem. We want to inspire you to start looking around your home to see what unusual spaces could be made better and more useful with built-in cabinets. Check out these inspiring ideas and photos:

Of course, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your custom built-in cabinet design ideas. We’re always happy to help make your cabinetry dreams a reality.