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What the Big Box Stores and Sub-par Contractors Don’t Tell You: The Inside of Cabinets are Important Too

If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen cabinets, you know that this isn’t something you change often, so it’s important to make sure you’re happy with your choice. While many consumers take a lot of time choosing the type of wood and finish on the exterior of their cabinets, what many fail to realize is the inside of cabinets are important too.

Everyone is thrilled with their kitchen cabinets initially. But after awhile, some homeowners start to become disappointed because they sacrificed and saved to make the investment, only to find things not holding up as they should. From the outside, everything still looks great. But when they open the cabinet doors to put dishes away they start to notice poor workmanship. Interior boxes made of inferior wood, or without enough protection on them starts to result in splintering, scratches, or water damage.

When investing in new cabinetry, take the time to ask how the interior of the cabinetry is made. Don’t accept sub-par materials such as cheap particleboard or luan. Ask how the wood is sealed, and how many coats are used on the shelving.

You want the interior of your cabinets to look just as nice as the exterior. This is one of the reasons we don’t recommend refacing cabinets, because when you open the doors, you’re left with the same problems you started with. Big box companies and contractors who cut corners are all about providing an inexpensive product, no matter what the quality.

If you’re ready to choose new cabinetry, but want quality both inside and out, contact us. You’ll be surprised to find out you don’t necessarily have to pay a lot more for a much better product that will last for longer than our counterparts.