Channel surf through the home improvement shows and one thing really stands out, the increasing use of functional kitchen accessories. Part of the trend may be attributed to people’s increasing desire to have an organized but informal kitchen with wide open spaces. So what functional kitchen accessories are hot right now? Let’s take a quick look:
Lazy Susans
Lazy susans are one functional kitchen accessory that’s attracting a lot of attention these days. Although it’s true that the rotating accessories have been around for centuries, the latest models are anything but antiquated. For starters, many are made with coveted materials like gorgeous maple wood, white polymer, chrome and epoxy-coated steel. They also come in different shapes that allow for custom, built-in applications.
Recycling Systems
Of course lazy susans are not the only functional kitchen accessories currently being coveted by Americans. An increasing number of people are also making use of built-in recycling systems. The systems are designed to be unobtrusive and compact as well as functional. When selecting one, today’s consumers may choose from a variety of options. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Special features (i.e. backsplashes and foot pedals)
  • Assorted color schemes (i.e. bins and accents)
  • Under, side and bottoms mounts
  • Pull or swing out doors

Organizers and Storage
Other functional kitchen accessories that are enjoying surges in popularity at the moment are associated with drawer and cabinet organization. Among them are wooden inserts and peg systems for silverware and cookware storage. Many of the systems are also designed to be mixed and matched. One of the woods that tend to show up often in such applications is beech. Given its inherent durability and beauty, its popularity comes as no surprise to us. Additional materials found in the organizers’ construction are plastic and chrome.
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