If you are a talented cook, busy homemaker, or just like to entertain, you would probably enjoy the convenience and versatility of a second sink and prep area. How many times have you been busy at the sink and a cook’s helper has needed to wash their doughy hands? Have you ever been cleaning fish or poultry at the sink while someone else is trying to prepare the salad? How do you prevent cross-contamination when both cooks are trying to use the same sink? How often do you wish for just a bit more counter space? Don’t worry – it happens to all good cooks. That’s why a busy cook needs more counter space and a second sink.

An ideal kitchen allows plenty of space for all of the work that goes into feeding family and friends. Prep work, baking, cooking, serving, and doing the dishes afterwards all require space and often a sink, too. An island with a prep sink offers plenty of room for helpers to lend a hand with meal preparation while the cook is busy at the main sink or stove. Besides extra prep space, a butler’s pantry or wet bar offers additional advantages: storage for those seldom used appliances and kitchen linens, a place where kids and guests can get a drink or snack without getting in the cook’s way, and plenty of room for extra hands to make light work of a big holiday meal. It’s also the perfect place to practice your mixology skills!

For a custom kitchen that will make living and entertaining easier and more enjoyable, contact us. We can help you understand how you want to use your kitchen space and then bring those ideas to life in a way that complements your kitchen’s unique layout and architecture. We want to professionally design the kitchen that’s perfect for your inner chef!