bathroom vanity-edgewood cabinetry

Before considering if it is worth it to remodel your bath, scrutinize other aspects of your home first. Does your roof leak? Are your windows energy-efficient? Does the air-conditioning system work? Is your septic tank revolting your neighbors? If so, then an outdated bathroom should wait, especially if you are considering remodeling as a selling point. But, if the basic features of your home are in good working order, then investing in a new bath is one of the best investments you can make in your house.

Another factor to consider when thinking about remodeling your bath is how much to invest. Sinking $20,000 for a bathroom in a home worth $75,000 is not smart spending, so the ratio of investment to home value can pay dividends with the right budget. Not only is the value of your home important to consider how much you invest in your bath, but the value of houses in your neighborhood and quality of material you propose to purchase for your bath are as well.

Once a budget is set, determine what is most crucial for your upgrade. Ensure you basic rough-in plumbing does not leak and your drywall or underlayment for your flooring is not molded or deteriorating. The interior structure of the bathroom will establish the finishing building material’s endurance. If you decide the interior plumbing and wall board are sufficient, then more of your budget can be put towards cosmetics or higher quality cabinetry, fixtures, toilet, shower, and tub.

A new bathroom can make an older home modern besides provide a more functional living space. Count the costs and see if it is worth it to you to remodel your bath. If so, contact us, and we will help you work out the details concerning the style of your cabinetry, while providing good advice about your investment.