Painting your kitchen cabinets is a wonderful way to add character to your home.

However, cabinets in such a high-traffic area are more likely to take a beating from exposure to cooking messes, heat, moisture, and other hazards that can damage paint and compromise the beauty of your cabinets.

Properly caring for your cabinets will considerably prolong their lifespan, keep them looking attractive, and save you time and money by preventing unnecessary repairs and restoration costs.


  • Clean spills from cabinets as soon as they happen. Removing food or liquid splashes from the cabinet’s surface when they are still fresh will stop stains in their tracks.

  • Cabinets that surround the stove top are susceptible to damage from cooking grease and smoke. Regularly wiping down these areas is beneficial to keep them from slowly developing discoloration over time.

  • While cleaning try not to saturate cabinets. Over-wetting can potentially warp the surface. Instead, clean small areas at a time with a soft, damp cloth. Work in a circular motion, drying with another soft cloth afterward


  • Avoid harsh cleaning materials. They can actually be more counterproductive than beneficial, actually contributing to the damage of your painted cabinets. Some examples include abrasive scrubbers like steel wool, ammonia-based detergents, and citrus-like cleaners that can be highly acidic. Test products on the backside of cabinets before applying them to visible areas.

  • Don’t get in over your head when your cabinets do require repairs. Fixing dents and dings on painted cabinets can be difficult, especially with no prior experience. Knowing when to recruit a professional will be a better guarantee to keep your cabinets looking beautiful.

For more information on how you can protect your cabinet investment and maintain their aesthetic quality contact us today.