Your home office is a unique area. While it’s still part of your home, you want it to feel more professional, especially if clients come to your office.

While many people put their focus on their desk and chairs, the right cabinetry is just as important. Home office cabinets aren’t just for storage.

They help create a more professional tone and can change the entire look of the room. When picking your cabinets, use these five tips.

Storage Or Display

The first thing to consider is whether your home office cabinets are more for storing items or displaying them. If storage is your main concern, you’ll likely want cabinets with more sections, drawers and doors. This helps to keep your office more organized. This also creates a professional, library-style feel.

If you want a more airy feel, display style cabinetry works better. This style usually only has doors along the bottom shelves. The rest of the shelves are open to showcase favorite books, photos and equipment.

Compliment Your Home

Your home office doesn’t have to seem foreign compared to the rest of your house. To avoid feeling like you’re stepping into a bland cubicle or nameless corporate office, try matching your cabinets to the rest of your home decor. This creates a more welcome, relaxing environment.

This is a great approach if you don’t have a separate room for your office. Your cabinets blend into the decor, but still make your office area look professional.

Doors Or Open

This design choice mainly depends on how much privacy you want. Doors automatically give more privacy, which works well for storing client data. Of course, doors also help make an office look far more organized, even if it’s chaos behind the cabinet doors.

While doors often look more professional, open cabinets make it easier to quickly see and grab whatever you need. However, it’s easy for this style to look more like plain bookcases. To spice things up and make your office feel more unique, consider cabinets with custom spaced shelves. Each shelf block can be different sizes, creating a stunning look whenever anyone walks into the room.

Stained Or Painted

To truly set the tone of your office, you have to decide between stained or painted cabinets. Part of this choice depends on whether you want your office to look more like the rest of your home.

Stained cabinets give a classic, professional look. However, going with a brighter, painted color makes your office seem larger. If you’re running a business, having your cabinets match the color of your brand is also a nice touch and makes clients feel more at ease when coming to your home office.

Stained cabinets are best if you’re already using stained furniture, such as a desk. If you’re not using wooden furniture, painted cabinets work well, especially if you match them to any colors in your office furniture.

Available Space

Your cabinets shouldn’t take over your home office. Instead, they should fit naturally into the design. This means carefully considering how they’ll fit into your space and around your existing furniture. For larger spaces, a floor-to-ceiling cabinet might work well and help fill the space. However, smaller home offices might work better with shorter cabinets that also function as extra desk space.

If you’re sharing the space with someone else, having two sets of smaller cabinets versus one large set may be the best approach. This also allows you to use the cabinets to separate the space into two distinct areas.

If you need inspiration on how to best lay out your office to see what types of cabinets work best for you, consider Shopify’s guide to a more productive space or Entrepreneur’s guide to the best home office.

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