maple transitional kitchen-edgewood custom cabinetry

We asked three different people what the word transitional meant, in terms of room design and style.

Like so many things in life, it is all about the interpretation.

It is no surprise that we got three different answers.

So, we asked our own resident design expert, Pete. Surprise, he also gave us three answers.

Transitional design elements allow homeowners to enjoy the spaciousness of an open floor plan while maintaining order and definition.  The creative use of architectural details such as flooring, moldings, and columns give each area a cohesive look and a defined purpose.

A transitional piece of furniture, (or cabinetry), is simply a contemporary version of a classic piece. This console table,  for example, morphs a traditional living room basic into a modern marvel by substituting steel and glass for mahogany.

A transitional room design is a mélange of furnishings, fixtures, and fabrics combining the sustainability of classic traditional with a bit of modern sleek and wow!  This concept works in any room and is quite a show stopper in a kitchen.

To be effective, keep the color palettes neutral and the fabrics uncomplicated. This design style is more controlled than eclectic and a bit more upscale than shabby chic. Less is always better when it comes to the unexpected elements; a touch of restraint will result in a better balanced room.

A transitional kitchen design allows a great deal of flexibility to homeowners who do not want to commit to a single look. This kitchen design example combines an antique cabinet, rattan, classic white cabinets and ultra modern lighting for an exceptional look.

Create your own space. Lay the foundation with high quality, traditional cabinetry, then be innovative with color accents (“Eggplant” is trending right now)and mixed metals. Use granite or stone to inject some natural elements. Think chalkboard paint, turned legs, and corbels. Imagine copper farm sinks and sliding barn doors. After all, transitional is anything you want it to be. Be you.

Find your style, then come see Pete. He absolutely knows how to make it happen for you.