When looking to install new cabinets, people often have two concerns: money and quality.

They do not want to spend too much money on the cabinets, but they also want to know they are going to get quality cabinets. Quality and a good cost might seem exclusive, but that is not always the case.

At Edgewood Cabinetry, we provide handcrafted custom cabinets, but we believe quality does not have to mean expensive. Our Price Match Challenge can prove that to you. In three easy steps.

First,  visit your local home improvement store or another store which sells cabinets. Pick out the cabinets you like. Figure out how much they will cost you. Make sure you include the cost of installation when it comes to your home improvement store cabinet cost.

Second, contact a Edgewood Cabinetry representative. Ask us for a quote on custom cabinets. To get a proper price match, make sure you are comparing the exact same cabinets. Size, style, wood type, and other features should be taken into consideration when comparisons are made between the two options.

To make sure you get pricing on the same cabinets from both the home improvement store and our company, you might want to write down any measurements you take. If you think you might forget some of the specifics about the cabinets you had priced at the home improvement store, make sure you write those down as well. An accurate photograph of the product may also be helpful.

Once you have priced the cabinets at both the home improvement store and our place, you are ready for the third step, decide which option is best for you. You might be surprised to find Edgewood Cabinetry’s cabinet cost is just as good if not better than the home improvement store’s cabinet cost.  We encourage you to take our Price Match Challenge. If you need more information about the great products we provide, or if you are ready to take the Price Match Challenge, contact us. We are convinced you will not be disappointed with the results.