Whenever you hear the word “trend” when it comes to interior design, it’s wise to be a little wary.

After all, the word implies something that could be short-lived, and you probably don’t want to invest a sizeable chunk of money into something that’s going to look dated in a couple of years.

That said, your main concern should always be functionality. You need a bathroom that’s going to work for you and your family and the way you live.

The key to investing in a trend is figuring out how well it actually works. For example, several years ago, no bathroom remodel was considered complete without a whirlpool tub. Then people figured out that they actually took a lot more showers than baths, and the trend changed to roomy showers with built-in benches that facilitate washing your feet or shaving your legs. So evaluating a trend has to be about more than just how a bathroom feature looks. It’s got to work for you now and in the future. Here are a few bathroom trends that promise to look great in your bathroom and perform great for years to come …

36″ High Bathroom Vanities with Quality Workmanship

For years, 30″ was the standard height for a bathroom vanity, but that meant stooping over, even for people of average height. The new trend is 36″, which is a more reasonable — and comfortable — height for everyone except the smallest members of your family, who of course, will continue to grow as the years go by!

As far as the cabinetry goes, people are moving away from big-box bathroom vanities to quality cabinetry that will stand the test of time. Details like deep drawers and pull-out shelves are popular because they make life easier, and add usable storage, which is something every bathroom — large or small — always seems to need more of.

“Comfort Height” Toilets

Higher toilets are making a debut in more and more new bathrooms and bath renovations than ever, partly because of the aging-in-place concept of making your bathroom user-friendly as you age, and partly because they’re generally more comfortable to use no matter what your age.

Hidden Toilets

It’s becoming more common today for more than one person to use the bathroom at the same time, given our hectic morning schedules. Not only does a “water closet” or half-wall hide the least attractive element in the bathroom, but it also provides a little extra privacy when using the toilet.

Luxurious Showers

As mentioned, showers are the new stars of the bathroom, but they’re not the fiberglass stalls of the past. Tile is a must, as are frameless doors and curbless bottoms that facilitate entering and exiting (another aging-in-place must). A built-in bench and good lighting not only enhance the look of the shower, but also make practical sense. Double showers are popular, as are multiple shower heads or a traditional shower head plus a moveable shower head for rinsing hair or legs and feet.

You can create the bathroom of your dreams that is not only trendy, but practical too, and practicality is always worth the investment!

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