Optimizing Bathroom Cabinet Storage

Bathrooms aren’t exactly built for storage. That’s why it’s important to find ways to optimize bathroom cabinet storage to get far more use out of the space.

From toiletries to bulky towels, there’s a lot to store. Most importantly, you want it all easily accessible. The last thing you need when you’re in a hurry is to dig around a crowded cabinet for toothpaste or a hairdryer.

Whether you have a tiny or large bathroom, make the most out of the space to store things neatly. The right cabinet features make all the difference.

Add Thin, Tall Cabinets

Often, bathroom cabinets are restricted to under and above the sink. Instead, add a free-standing cabinet that fits beside your vanity or even your toilet. These thinner, tall cabinets usually go from floor to ceiling. They’re easy to customize and fit a variety of items, such as toilet paper, extra towels and even organizers for cosmetics and other items. Add one or two of these and transform those wasted spaces into ways to maximize your bathroom storage space.

Use The Cabinet Door

One of the best ways to optimize bathroom cabinet storage is by using the cabinet door. Hate digging around in a drawer or a shelf for commonly used items? Hang them on the inside of your cabinet door. A simple magnetic board works great for hanging lightweight items on magnetic hooks or use magnetic locker accessories to store cosmetic brushes and smaller items. Or, use an over the door organizer for your hair tools, such as hair brushes, curling irons and dryers.

Add Shelves Under Your Sink

If you have a free standing or pedestal sink, make the most of the space under it. You don’t have to go with traditional cabinets either. Instead, add shelves that fit around the sink. Use baskets to store items and keep them neat and organized. Even a single shelf drastically optimizes your storage.

Utilize Adjustable Shelving

Organization is one of the biggest trends in bathroom cabinets. That’s why using adjustable shelving is the perfect way to optimize bathroom cabinet storage. Since items come in various sizes, use cabinets with adjustable shelves so you can easily organize the cabinets to fit the most items. Maybe you need a shelf that’s only five inches tall, but another that gives you 10 inches. Adjust the shelves to fit your needs.

Use Pull Out Organizers In Cabinets

House Beautiful lists a variety of pull out organizers to help you boost your bathroom cabinet storage. It’s far too easy for items to get pushed to the back. Then, you end up with cluttered mess and nothing fits right. Get more out of your limited space by using pull out organizers to easily organize items and reach them quickly, even if they’re at the back of the cabinet. These organizers can also double your space by adding small shelves and baskets.

Make Your Mirror A Cabinet

Your mirror doesn’t have to be just a mirror. Turn it into a cabinet. It doesn’t have to be a deep cabinet. Just add something thick enough to store medications, toothpaste and small items you might use on a daily basis. You can even change things up by having the shelves pull out from the sides of the mirror versus using the mirror as a door. This can help reduce fingerprints on the mirror too.

Add In A Small Trash Bin

If you have the space, add a small trash bin inside your bathroom cabinets. This clears up floor space and can even make room for a tall, thin freestanding cabinet. A creative approach is to attach the bin itself to your cabinet door so it pulls out when you open the door.

Use Tiered Shelving

Finally, make use of tiered shelving. For instance, you may need half of a cabinet divided in half with the rest open for taller items. Tiered shelving gives you small shelves along the side or corner without dividing the entire cabinet in half. You could also opt for floating tiered shelving. These is a great way to change up traditional bathroom storage while still optimizing bathroom cabinet storage.

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Image: Fran Hogan