Bathroom Storage

You walk into a bathroom and what do you see? A cabinet under the sink and another cabinet to the side for towels.

Anything that doesn’t fit is stuck on the toilet or on metal racks here and there. What if you didn’t have to feel stuck with boring bathroom storage?

You don’t! Bespoke bathroom cabinets and shelves are here to rescue your bland bathroom and turn it into a room you’ll love to sit down in and relax.

Keep Cabinets Open

Hate buying all those random bathroom decorations? Let your bathroom storage be the decorations instead. Open cabinets let you decorate with colorful towels, creative toilet paper stacks and more. Plus, it’s always super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

By choosing a custom option, you’re able to size your cabinets to fit exactly what you need to store. Try a criss-cross design to store rolled-up hand towels in one spot. Use cubby holes to store hair brushes and styling supplies. Another open area might even have tiered shelves to store beauty supplies for quick access.

Create A Storage Bench

Larger bathrooms often have ample storage, but no place other than the toilet or a small chair at a vanity to sit. A more comfortable option is to have a cushioned bench that matches your bathroom decor. However, the bench doubles as an extra cabinet. Leave it open, have large drawers or stylish doors. The choice is completely yours!

Provide Storage Everywhere

You’re not limited to storage in a few set cabinets. Anywhere you have wall or floor space is a bathroom storage possibility. Bespoke cabinetry and shelving mean you can get as creative as you want. For instance, check out these inspiring ideas from Homedit. As you can see, there’s very little you can’t do. Plus, most of the storage ideas work as stylish design options.

Opt For Tiered Shelving

A popular bespoke option is tiered shelving. For instance, your bathroom counter might actually step up or down from your sink to provide tiered shelves for various items. You might keep some of your child’s most commonly used items on a lower shelf and your own items up higher.

Of course, thick floating shelves in a tiered design also work well. Use them for storage or just decorative items. To make them even more useful, place hooks on them to store towels, hang belts, attach styling tools and more.

Design Based On Your Theme

Pre-fabricated bathroom storage isn’t that exciting. In fact, it’s rather bland at best. You get a few simple options and that’s it. It’s hard to have a theme based on that. Bespoke bathroom storage allows you to create designs based on a set theme. Want something more modern? Get custom sized black cabinets with white drawers and doors.

Suddenly, your storage is transformed into a style that makes your bathroom stand out. Why not give it some personality? After all, think about all it has to go through every day.

Think Up Versus Below

Most of the time, you have a medicine cabinet and then storage below the sink or counter. What about all that vertical space above the counter? Start thinking vertically. Just like with the image at the beginning of this post, bespoke cabinets designed to fit your exact space sit on the counter to provide easy access to the items you use most.

While you don’t have to give up your storage below the counter, your bathroom looks far more innovative with storage that takes advantage of all the extra wall space above your bathroom counter.

Try Hidden Storage Hacks

Another thing to consider that goes beyond traditional bathroom storage is hidden storage ideas. You’ll definitely need custom cabinetry for many of these hacks. For instance, you could have a thin drawer with built-in cups to store brushes, combs, extra toothbrushes and more. You could even have a drawer with a second drawer built-in. From the outside, you see one beautiful drawer, but when you pull it out, a second drawer gives you twice the storage. Brit+Co has several great ideas that are both stylish and easy to customize to your bathroom.

Tired of a bland bathroom? Contact us today to learn more about how we help you create bespoke bathroom storage you’ll love.

Image: JamesDeMers