Kitchen layout-edgewood cabinetry

If you’ve been planning a new kitchen design this winter, perhaps you’ve heard one particular myth you should reconsider: Is a kitchen designer necessary?

The answer to that is a definite “yes” since there’s so much more to a kitchen design than just randomly building cabinets and placing appliances. When it comes to layout and important configurations related to plumbing and electrical issues, you’re going to need serious thought put in.
It’s something we can help you with here at Edgewood Cabinetry. But how complex can it really get? We’ll work it out for you on paper before we do the work so you’ll know exactly what your design will look like.

Dealing with Layout

Layout is going to be more important than you think due to the structure of existing cabinetry and the shape of your kitchen. All kitchens have different shapes with complex corners, wall spaces, and floor dimensions. Placing new cabinetry in relation to other items in the kitchen you’ll be keeping the same needs proper measurement and almost a sense of Feng Shui (without being literal).
Everything needs to make sense structurally or you could have certain items in places that turn out to be obstructive later. Some cabinetry might be placed in an area that gets in the way while you’re preparing food. This might even include a kitchen island not placed in the best spot.
We’ll work with you to make layout a top priority so everything is placed for ergonomic comfort and efficiency.

Plumbing and Electrical Configurations

Layout always goes together with these, because placement of specific items in the kitchen might conflict depending on plumbing configurations, as well as electrical. These have to be assessed before anything is done, even if it means rewiring to place electrical outlets where you want them. A new kitchen sink, cabinetry, and placement of appliances need careful analysis so you’ll know whether anything conflicts. We want to make sure we’re both on the same page about what you want before construction begins.
Contact us here at Edgewood Cabinetry so we can plan your kitchen layout and work out any issues beforehand. Start off the new year right with a new kitchen that’s planned intelligently so you can enjoy it for a generation.