Are you looking to pick up the clutter around your home? Most homeowners often complain about a lack of ample storage to accommodate all their items while maintaining the aesthetics of a room. What they don’t realize is that there’s much more storage than meets the eye.

Storage space often comes at a premium! If adding more cabinets is not an option, it’s essential to make the best of the existing space. It’s possible to improve the home organization and increase storage space by tinkering with the custom cabinets. How so? Here are simple adjustments to improve your storage space drastically.

Useful Cabinet Organization Ideas

Edgewood Cabinetry cabinetsModify Double Door Cabinets: Most double door cabinets have a divider (center stile) between the doors. The stile takes up valuable storage space that could otherwise make the cabinet more spacious and accessible. Possible ideas to get rid of the divider include detaching it vertically and fixing it one of the doors (i.e., creating a dummy stile that opens with the door) or installing new double doors that meet.

Organize and Manage Wires: Having wires and cable lying around haphazardly is a painful eyesore – not to mention the risk of tripping accidents and health issues due to dust bunnies! When it comes to wire management, the trick lies in creativity. Think out-of-the-box to find a solution that works best for your space. For items that are rarely unplugged, such as desktops, consider threading the cables along the underside of a wooden surface. Outlets for highly portable devices such as mobile phones should be easily accessible – inside a drawer, on the sidewall, or a countertop.

Sometimes the Places You’d Never Think of are The Best

Cabinet Space Above the Refrigerator: Most pre-made overhead cabinets above the fridge are either too small or too deep for easy access. This odd size and location lead to a waste of valuable storage space. Consider removing the small unusable cabinet and installing new cabinetry that encases the refrigerator. It is more aesthetically, desirable, and easy to reach. Another great idea is to use vertical dividers for the storage of kitchen appliances such as plates or trays

Keep Your Garbage Can Out of Sight: Garbage cans are a necessity in any kitchen – but that does not mean they’re allowed to make the kitchen messy. Stash unsightly trash cans in a ‘makeshift trash drawer’ under your 36-inch countertop drawer.

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