Designing a kitchen is a complex process.  From the floor to the backsplash, the appliances to the lighting, there are a great many style considerations to think about.  But perhaps the most important choice you’ll make in designing your dream kitchen is the cabinetry, the heart of your room.
Here are some tips on choosing the right wood cabinetry for your unique design style:

  • If you’re designing a sleek, modern kitchen, then walnut or dark cherry cabinets are the way to go.  The warm, rich tones of walnut cabinetry will complement a kitchen design that favors clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, while deep cherry cabinets are a perennial favorite for achieving a luxurious effect, especially when coupled with cream tones elsewhere in the room.
  • Maple is a consistently popular choice for a bright, welcoming kitchen.  It’s neutral hue makes it a versatile cabinet selection and allows you to incorporate a bold, colorful backsplash.
  • For a rustic, country feel, nothing beats hickory.  Its beautiful tones and medium color allow it to match well with a wide array of countertops, including many varieties of granite.
  • Colored wood cabinets are making a major style comeback these days.  Of course, white cabinets have long been a favorite in classic, country-style kitchens, but we’re now seeing a resurgence in stained or painted cabinets that make a strong design statement.

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