7 Considerations For Your Custom Kitchen Design

Choosing a custom kitchen design isn’t as simple as just gathering a ton of Pinterest kitchen pictures. While all of them might look like your dream kitchen, you still have to customize it to your needs. It’s always a great idea to look at other kitchens to get great ideas. After all, you never really know what’s possible until you step outside of your own kitchen. However, a custom kitchen has to be perfect for you. Take what you love about other kitchens and use the following considerations to create a design you’ll love for years to come.

1. Choosing A Comfortable Cabinet Size

7 Considerations For Your Custom Kitchen DesignOften times, you hear people talking about cabinet sizes in relation to what they can store. This is an important consideration. A custom kitchen design means you can adjust cabinet sizes to best fit your needs. One thing you don’t hear about often is adjusting the size to your height. Yes, you should focus on storage, but if you can’t comfortably use your cabinets, you won’t like your kitchen.

Ensure your cabinets are at a comfortable height. Even if your top cabinets should be easy to reach. You can even have a stool built-in to your kitchen to make it easier to reach things. If you opt for completely custom cabinets, you can get everything you need.

2. Customizing Storage

No kitchen design is complete without custom storage. Standard shelves and drawers aren’t always enough. In fact, most kitchens need customized storage. From built-in organizers to pull-out shelves, there is a way to store almost anything without compromising. Figuring out all the innovative options isn’t always easy, but searching for kitchen storage ideas on Pinterest is a great option. By building storage into the original design, you won’t have to adjust your cabinets after they’re installed.

3. Creating A Work Triangle

You work in your kitchen in a specific way. Most people don’t really think about it. However, experts refer to this as the kitchen work triangle. You’ll want to incorporate this kitchen work triangle into your custom kitchen design. It makes using your kitchen so much easier. The idea is to ensure optimal productivity between your sink, stove and refrigerator. By getting the spacing just right, you never have to move too far nor feel too cramped.

4. Picking The Right Countertop

Home Kitchen Makeover On A BudgetWhile you should definitely consider looks when it comes to your countertop, there’s so much more to it. For instance, do you want a material that’s difficult to clean, even if it looks amazing? What about how difficult it is to maintain, such as adding new seals every year? Another consideration is your budget. Thanks to all the varieties of countertops available, you can pick a budget-friendly option that looks and functions almost like the more expensive options.

5. Customizing With Modern Conveniences

It’s easy to get caught up in the layout and cabinets for your custom kitchen design, but what about customizing your kitchen with modern conveniences. For instance, why not have a fold-down panel that hides all your outlets? Or, what about a charging drawer to keep your phone and tablet protected while you’re using the kitchen? For amazing ideas to create a more functional and innovative kitchen, Victoria Elizabeth Barnes has a great list divided into categories.

6. Budgeting While Getting What You Want

Budgets are important for your custom kitchen design. Before you get too attached to any ideas, set a solid budget. Decide where you will and won’t compromise. For instance, if you’re married to a granite countertop, you might have to compromise when it comes to appliances or flooring. If you’re having custom cabinets built, talk to the builder about your budget to begin with so you can plan together the right custom cabinetry plan for you.

7. Building In Storage For Small Appliances

People are relying more and more on small appliances in their kitchens. All-in-one appliances are even popular now to combine several smaller things into one. However, these all take up valuable counter space. When creating your custom kitchen design, consider how you can build in storage for these specific appliances. You might create a dedicated cabinet with shelves sized for those appliances or have cubbies built into your island to store often used appliances.

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Image: House Method