It’s always a good idea to check out trending bathroom cabinet styles when you’re considering a remodel or upgrade.

Bathroom cabinets are kind of a necessity for storing towels, beauty products and accessories. However, they don’t have to be limited to a bland cabinet under your sink. Instead, they can help create a trendy bathroom.

No matter how large or small your bathroom is (small bathrooms are trending, by the way), all these styles are sure to wow and even work well together.

1. Greige Becomes Front And Center

No, you read that right. One of the most popular colors for bathrooms and bathroom cabinets is greige. Whether it’s the color for the cabinets, countertop, flooring or walls, any neutral colored bathroom needs greige to be trendy. So what’s this amazing new color? It’s a surprisingly beautiful mixture of grey and beige. It actually looks much better than it sounds. Plus, it takes away that stark white while still making even the smallest bathrooms seem larger.

Ideally, you only want greige on one major component. For instance, if your cabinets are greige, your floor might be oak. If your walls are greige, you might have bold blue cabinets.

2. Natural Wood Tones Add Warmth

Your bathroom should be warm and inviting. After all, it’s not just a place to get clean, but to relax. Natural wood tones add warmth to any bathroom. A great place for this is your bathroom cabinets. A popular trend is to opt for natural wood tones as a contrast against greige or white countertops and walls. This also works well with the vintage and rustic themes that are currently popular for both the overall style and fixtures.

3. Marble Countertops Provide Luxury

Marble is well-known for adding a luxurious element when used as a countertop material. Everyone wants to feel luxurious while they bathe or get ready in the mornings. Adding a marble countertop adds that bit of luxury and it’s a classic that is always trending for bathroom cabinets.

As The Spruce points out, marble can be a bit expensive. This is why smaller bathrooms often splurge on marble for a tiny countertop. There are high-quality alternatives that give you the look without the expense or maintenance.

4. Floating Shelves Maximize Space

Not interested in bathroom cabinets at all? You’re not alone. However, you still need storage, right? One of the most creative trending bathroom cabinet styles is floating shelves. Staggered floating shelves hold knickknacks, towels, beauty products and more. Hooks on the front allow you to hang items or add a towel bar in the front for hanging your towels to dry.

Another option is floating cabinets. This allows you to easily store items on top or underneath. For instance, maybe you have a small foot bath. You could have a floating cabinet under your sink with space underneath for your foot bath.

5. Cabinets Focus On Organization

Bathroom cabinets aren’t just boxes anymore. Instead, it’s all about organization. During a trendy remodel, don’t be afraid to build in organizational elements. Roll-out shelves, mesh baskets on the insides of drawers and even roll-out shelves with pre-cut holes to hold beauty accessories, such as hair dryers, are all popular options.

Better Homes & Gardens has 15 great ideas to help you organize your bathroom cabinets in trendy, functional ways.

6. Tech Hides Inside Cabinets

High-tech bathroom cabinets shouldn’t be a surprise, but it has taken a while for this trend to become more mainstream. It’s not unusual to find outlets inside cabinets or a warming drawer for towels. If you really want to have a luxurious bathroom, you may even have a mini-fridge disguised as a cabinet for storing masks and makeup that need to be refrigerated or just to have a handy beverage while getting ready.

7. Bolder Colors Showcase Personality

The go-to for bathroom cabinets used to be all white, beige or grey. While all those colors are still trending, bolder colors are starting to appear. For instance, bold, bright cabinet colors stand out against white tiles and add personality. In fact, some experts argue that bolder colors actually make bathrooms seem more inviting than white and other neutral tones. Opt for colorful cabinets or a countertop to add a splash of color.

8. Dark Fixtures Provide Contrast

Shiny fixtures will probably never go out of style, but consider something more trendy, such as dark fixtures. Matte and dark fixtures look great for your sink and cabinet handles. Black and bronze are popular colors and match most any bathroom style.

9. Vanities Add More Function

Bathrooms should make it easier to get ready. This is where built-in vanities come in. Not only do they provide a place to get ready, but they also make your bathroom more functional. However, if you’re tight on space, you don’t have to skip your vanity.

Consider a floating cabinet made of just a few rows of drawers with a stool underneath. If you want extra storage, have a rolling box with a door or lid as the stool.

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Image: shadowfirearts