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Why You Need a Custom Cabinet MakerBathroom Storage

When it comes to choosing the best custom cabinets for your home, you should leave nothing to chance. It is fantastic that you have decided to settle for custom cabinets but this is only the first step. Since custom cabinets are unique and cater to your specific needs, you need a true custom cabinet maker. A qualified custom cabinet maker assures you of a job well done, and a personal touch that you can’t find elsewhere.  Here are the most compelling reasons for you to look into custom cabinets above all else!

Design Expertise

A true custom cabinet maker has had years of experience in cabinet making and typically even more, they know how to do everything by hand and they know what to look out for. A custom cabinet maker can also help you ensure you get the best usage of your space possible, this is what they do for a living so they know what will give you the most useable space. Even restrained to a medium budget, if you were to spend the same amount of  money on pre-made cabinets, you wouldn’t get nearly as much value back. Don’t just fill your cabinet space, create something amazing in it.

New Cabinet Designs

Settling for a custom design should not mean that you’re not open to new ideas. A true custom cabinet maker may have even better ideas than yours, and offer those to you as you work on the project. They can take your dreams and thoughts and transform them into something magnificent. You only need to be open minded to their ideas. Furthermore, such a cabinet maker is continuously keeping up with new skills and knowledge in cabinet making. They are aware of the trends in custom cabinet making and can advise you accordingly. Cabinet makers, Raleigh such as Edgewood Cabinetry are on top of their game.

Customer Service

If you decided not to hire a custom cabinet maker, you probably went with a big-box store or some other mass-producer. Good luck getting any kind of customer service there when you need it. If you don’t like the end result, who do you have to blame? Both you and the unqualified cabinet maker are not adequately equipped to handle such work. If you are working with a true custom cabinet maker, you know that in the end you’re going to have a quality product. Therefore, you can ask questions and air out any reservations you have during the cabinet making process. The greatest strength of custom cabinets is that as the process goes along you can change ideas and such, and in the end you’ll get exactly what you asked for. You just can’t replicate that.


Everyone wants quality cabinets, you want them to be able to outlive you honestly. Buying any pre-made cabinet is a guessing game, it could last for 50 years, or it could start falling apart in 5 years. Your investment in custom cabinets should be well worth the cost. You just can’t ensure this quality if you aren’t paired up with a true professional custom cabinet maker.

Timely Work

Nobody wants to put work into a plan and commission it to be done just to be stuck waiting, inconveniencing yourself. Your project shouldn’t take too long, but it also shouldn’t be done in a night. A true custom cabinet maker takes enough time to make sure you’re getting the quality project that you paid for, and that the work gets done in a timely fashion.

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