You might think a mudroom is only for larger homes, but every home needs a mudroom. It’s extra storage after all.

Thanks to custom closets and closet accessories, it’s easy to create a mudroom that fits your space. Every home needs an area for pulling off muddy shoes, hanging up raincoats and storing umbrellas.

The great thing is mudrooms fit any space. From a small storage bench to a large closet, get as creative as you want to store everything you need.

Why It’s A Necessity

How often have you come in only to leave your wet or muddy shoes drying in front of the door? Naturally, they get left there until you’re ready to go out again. Multiply that by the number of people in your family and suddenly, your front door is nothing but a pile of shoes.

A mudroom doesn’t have to a separate room. It’s just a designated area for storing things like frequently used coats, gloves, shoes, umbrellas, sports equipment and anything else you store in your house but is usually only used outside. The good news is you only need a limited amount of space to create one. The width of a wooden storage crate and some vertical space is more than enough to get started.

Starting From Scratch

If you don’t have anything resembling a mudroom, don’t worry. A few closet accessories are all you need to get started. As the Daily Gazette explains, you don’t need a dedicated room. Of course, if you want to place it near your front or back door, you want it to look nice and organized.

A few tips for getting started include:

  • Place an all-weather rug at the door to prevent tracking water or mud throughout the house
  • Buy or build a storage centerpiece, such as a wooden closet organizer that’s basically just a slim bookcase, an organizer filled with stiff baskets for storing different items or even a small bench with cubicles underneath
  • Place hooks on the wall or on the sides of taller storage units, such as custom floor-to-ceiling cabinets, to hang coats, scarves and other items
  • Hang a mirror for a last minute check as you walk out the door

Transforming A Hall Closet

If you happen to have a hall closet near your entryway, use that as part of your mudroom. Instead of making it the black hole where you toss everything, organize it. If you want to limit your mudroom to just the closet, consider adding a fold-out seat to the inside of the door to allow somewhere to sit to take off shoes.

Create a wall of bins, either open or as drawers, for storing smaller items such as shoes and gloves. Dedicate one side wall to hanging coats and jackets. The final wall may have shelves for storing sports equipment or other accessories.

Creating More Open Space

You may decide you don’t want a closed off mudroom. In this case, use closet accessories to create an open, inviting space. Much like the small mudroom featured with this post, you can use modular closet storage accessories to create a storage bench and add vertical storage. Hooks quickly add storage for hanging items. You could even add a decorative rod on the wall for hanging items at the end of the seating area.

A set of tall cabinets with a large drawer at the bottom of each works well to create a quick mudroom. Instead of shelves, the cabinets are open with hooks for hanging items. The deep drawers keep shoes and random items contained. If you have space, dedicate one to each family member.

Finding Inspiration

All of this might sound great, but how do you find your inspiration? Looking at other mudrooms of course. Remember, you don’t have to run all over the place looking for closet accessories that perfectly fit your space. You can get custom made accessories and cabinets in the correct size and using wood and colors that already match your home.

If you’re ready to get inspired, try the following to see what’s possible:

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Image: Douglas Sheppard