Bathrooms To Inspire Your Own Remodel

With so many possibilities, it’s hard to know exactly what’s right for you during a bathroom remodel. That is unless you have some examples to look at for inspiration.

We’ve gathered a variety of different bathroom examples to showcase incredible ideas for bathrooms of all sizes. Whether it’s a tiny area or a large expanse, you’ll find something to inspire you here.

Remember that you don’t have to copy any of these remodels exactly. Use multiple examples to design your dream bathroom.

Things To Consider

Before you start digging through all the various bathroom remodel pictures, there are few things to keep in mind. First, decide if you’ll want prefabricated or custom-made cabinets. While prefabricated are cheaper, they may not last as long in the moisture-rich environment. Thanks to all the humidity, you have to be careful about the type of cabinets you use in your bathroom.

Also consider what the must-haves are. For example, is it important for your bathroom theme to match the rest of your home? Do you want a specific type of tub or sink? What colors do you want? Once you have your list of must-haves, it’s much easier to pick the right bathroom remodel design for you.

Most importantly, take your time. Look through a variety of pictures to see what you like and don’t like. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring someone, you’ll want to have a clear picture of what you want your final product to look like. The last thing you want is to rush the project and regret the end result.

Small Bathroom Makeovers

HGTV’s list of 30 Incredible Small Bathroom Makeovers will make you believe that even your tiniest bathroom can look amazing after the right bathroom remodel. The best part is you’ll see both before and after photos. This helps to show you how much the right remodel can change your bathroom. So, if you don’t think there’s hope for yours, check this list out right now.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom

The Spruce is always a great place to go for inspiration on interior design. When it comes to a great bathroom remodel, the site delivers yet again with their list of 50 Bathroom Design Ideas and Inspiration. The variety of themes really stands out on this list. One great option is the minimal spa bathroom. It’s simple, yet you’ll relax just looking at it. If you want a spa at home, this just might become your favorite bathroom idea.

Houzz Has Bathrooms

While Houzz is well-known for helping you pick local professionals, you can get some great ideas for your next bathroom remodel here too. The part we love best here is you can filter by style, size, color and so much more to narrow down your choices. Just remember, Edgewood Cabinetry has you covered on any custom bathroom cabinets that you fall in love with.

Stunning Master Baths

Leave it to Architectural Digest to showcase some of the most stunning master bath remodels. Their list of 14 Best Bathroom Makeovers With Before and After Pictures may leave you wondering how a bathroom could be transformed so much. You’ll find some innovative and fancier options here. Don’t want something quite as fancy? Scale it back a bit, but keep some of your favorite aspects.

Sleek, Modern Bathrooms

Looking for a more modern bathroom remodel? No problem. Freshome has a list of some of the sleekest looking bathrooms you’ll find anywhere. Embrace metallic tiles and a clean, modern design. As they point out, some of these remodels are super easy to maintain and clean, which is always a plus. After all, who really likes cleaning the bathroom?

Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

We saved the best for last. Elle Decor presents you with a list of 85 inspiring bathroom remodel ideas. You’ll find some truly unique ideas with everything from a Victorian inspired look to abstract art on the walls. Yes, if it’s different, it’ll be on this list. If you want something to better express your personality, look at this list first.

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