Most often, you see a plain white rectangle in most bathrooms for the bathtub. Yes, they’re effective, but what if you want something with a bit more pizzazz and personality?

Of course, the most common alternative is a spa bath, but those aren’t right for everyone. Plus, these take up quite a bit of space.

Instead, try some of these amazing bathtubs, or at least a version of them, to completely transform your bathroom.

1. Wooden Bathtub

So, wood might not be your first thought when you think of taking a bath, but wooden bathtubs look incredible. The polished surface gives your bathroom a more natural look. And yes, there are even wooden toilets and sinks!  These tubs come in a variety of stain colors and won’t leak or mold. They’re sealed to prevent any issues. You can get these as both free-standing and built-in varieties.

What really makes wooden bathtubs so unique is they can be carved into different shapes to match any bathroom’s personality.

2. In-Floor Tub

Hate having a bathtub just sitting on the floor? Why not put it in the floor instead? These are some of the most amazing bathtubs. You don’t even notice them and you don’t have to worry about stepping over the edge to get in or out. Seniors will love how easy they are to get in, though you’ll probably want a little help getting out.

Think of them as an indoor swimming pool, but much smaller. These are great for creating a sleeker theme for your bathroom.

3. Freestanding Metal Bathtubs

Want to really make a statement? Opt for metal when searching for truly amazing bathtubs. Copper is quickly becoming a popular choice for the unique color, but of course, shiny black is also popular for contemporary bathrooms. Some people are even turning large basins into freestanding metal bathtubs, creating a more rustic look.

Don’t worry, you can get these in a wide variety of colors. Plus, you can opt for a shiny or matte finish, depending on your bathroom’s theme.

4. Vintage Bathtubs

Who doesn’t love a nice vintage look? If you’re looking for amazing bathtubs, look no further than vintage-themed tubs. One thing that sets these apart is the clawed feet. Typically, these are freestanding, though some are made to still be built-in.

With a nice polished finish, they also exude luxury. This makes vintage bathtubs incredibly versatile. Create a rustic look or go for elegance, the choice is yours. For an even more luxurious look, consider a vintage style clawed tub with golden feet and trim.

5. Victorian Tubs

Want elegance and a bathtub that will make a statement? Victorian tubs are some of the most amazing bathtubs. While similar to vintage tubs, they’re the classier cousin. You’ll find more ornate designs and shapes, especially the curved back and clawed feet with various designs.

Typically, the feet are gold or silver to stand out from the rest of the tub. For the full effect, consider a freestanding Victorian bathtub with ornate designs around it.

6. Rustic Bathtubs

Want a classic rustic style? Skip the typical ceramic or porcelain tub. Instead, opt for rustic bathtubs. These are usually large metal or granite tubs. The metal versions are often repurposed metal basins or troughs that are sealed and re-finished.

Granite tubs keep the rustic look of stone without all the polish you’d find with countertops. Some people go for a rustic bathtub by going with the classic white tub and outlining it with rock or granite.

7. Balcony Baths

Amazing bathtubs become even more amazing when you turn them into balcony baths. As the name implies, these tubs go out on your balcony. While they’re not for everyone, they create a truly unique bathing experience. Imagine soaking under the stars or starting your morning in the tub as you watch the sunrise. Freestanding and in-floor tubs are most often used for balcony baths.

Ready to make over your bathroom with one of these amazing bathtubs? Even if these aren’t for you, there are simple ways to make any bathtub look amazing. Contact us today to find out how.

Image: Jared Rice