Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

You’re looking around your kitchen and realize it’s time to make a choice. Should you try to repair or replace your kitchen cabinets?

In some cases, it’s actually better to just repair. For instance, if you just want a different door design, refacing the cabinets is better than replacing.

However, sometimes you have to completely replace them. In the end, it’s not only more cost-effective, but your kitchen will thank you.

1. There’s Noticeable Damage

Do you see noticeable chips in the wood? Are shelves bowed? Maybe the backs no longer stay attached to the wall like they should. When you start seeing noticeable damage, it’s a good sign that you should consider replacements. Even when you try to just repair them, major damages often mean there are other issues with the cabinets as well.

2. They’re Made Of Cheap Materials

If your home came with pre-fabricated cabinets or you had to buy something quick and cheap for a remodel, you’ll likely need to replace your kitchen cabinets relatively soon. Many cabinets have a realistic wood veneer over particle board. All it takes is a little heat, humidity and water to cause your cabinets to warp. Particleboard and fiberboard aren’t meant to last. If you’ve had your cabinets 5-10 years or had any water damage, it’s likely time to replace versus repair.

3. Recent Water Damage Or Mold

Even hardwoods aren’t meant to withstand major water damage. While they fare better than their cheaper counterparts, a roof or sink leak may ruin your cabinets beyond repair. Even if you don’t notice anything right away, you may begin to notice a smell. This means the water has seeped into the wood and you may even have mold and mildew behind the cabinets.

4. They Don’t Offer Enough Space

Sometimes you just need more space. While expert organizational strategies are helpful, you might need to replace your kitchen cabinets to take better advantage of the space you have available. You can have custom made kitchen cabinets designed specifically for your space and needs. This allows you to store more without anything feeling cluttered.

5. The Doors Can’t Be Refaced

Anytime the doors can’t be refaced, it’s a sign you should replace your kitchen cabinets. Usually, this means you have more damage beyond the doors themselves. The material might be sub-par and even if you have new doors made, they won’t fit correctly with your existing cabinets.

If it’s easy to reface the doors and get the look you want, that’s a great place to start. However, if it just feels like you’re putting a Band-Aid on a bigger issue, replace instead.

6. Your Kitchen Needs A New Layout

Are you looking for a completely new layout? Don’t try to just make your old cabinets fit. This just hinders your creativity and limits what you’re able to do. Instead, start fresh and replace your kitchen cabinets when you decide to remodel your kitchen. The last thing you want is for your kitchen to look amazing, except for your old, dingy cabinets.

Plus, you’ll be able to choose custom made options to fit any layout you have in mind. If your cabinets are still in good shape, consider donating them to a local charity or thrift store that accepts furniture.

7. They Don’t Function Well Anymore

This one is likely the most obvious out of all of the reasons. Do your doors stay slightly ajar even when the cabinet is empty? Are the hinges starting to detach or stick? Maybe the drawers sit at a weird angle. Whatever the problem might be, when your cabinets start functioning like they should, it’s a clear sign it’s time to replace them. Your kitchen cabinets should help you, not stop you from getting things done.

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Image: Brendon Thompson