8 Ingenious Kitchen Storage Ideas to Make the Most of Limited Space

A small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have storage space. You just need the right kitchen storage ideas.

By making the most of the room you have, you’ll be able to store more and stay surprisingly organized. You just need a little bit of a kitchen makeover.

From simple organizers to transforming unused space, storage opportunities are everywhere in your kitchen, even the smallest kitchen.

1. Turn A Small Closet Into A Pantry

If you have a small closet near your kitchen, transform it into a pantry. You don’t need much space to do this. A simple coat closet you might not be using is all you need. Adding some shelves, bins and door storage helps reduce clutter in your kitchen. Consider having a folding basket that hangs inside the door to make transporting items from your pantry to your kitchen a breeze.

Sabrina’s Organizing and In My Own Style showcase this idea perfectly. You can also check out ways to maximize your pantry storage or even create a butler’s pantry with a large enough closet.

2. Transform A Corner Into A Pantry

Despite what many people think, a pantry doesn’t have to be big. If you have an unused corner in your small kitchen, transform it into a corner pantry. You can add some shelves and a door to store spices, cans, chips, dry vegetables and more. By going from floor to ceiling, even short shelves add a lot of space.

3. Use Your Vertical Space Carefully

Vertical space storage is one of the most ingenious kitchen storage ideas. Floating shelves allow you to display glasses, plates and bowls while giving you easy access. Add shelving above a window for extra storage.

Using hooks, wire racks and other organizers, you can transform your empty backsplash into storage for utensils and even pot lids. Some people even hang pot holder gloves and store cooking utensils in them to add a decorative touch. A freestanding rack or thin cabinet also helps make the most of the space.

You could even just add a wall of wire baskets for storing herbs, vegetables, fruits and snacks. Get creative. Don’t be afraid to dive into Pinterest for extra inspiration, or check out My Amazing Things to get started.

4. Add Wall-Mounted Containers And Bins

Bins, containers, baskets or any other type of small storage items work great when mounted to a wall. Use certain spices more often than others? Add some heat-proof baskets on the wall above your stove. Got free space on the side of a cabinet? Add some small bins to store plates, utensils or smaller cleaning items.

Since there are an endless variety of bins and containers you can use, let them also showcase your small kitchen’s personality.

5. Add Pull-Out Pantries Where Possible

Pull-out pantries are amazing and one of the more underutilized kitchen storage ideas. These go between cabinets that might have a gap or alongside the end of a cabinet. They blend in with your existing cabinets, but pull out much like a drawer. Use them to store small items, such as canned goods and spices. Some people even use them for root vegetables by having several bins for onions, potatoes, turnips, etc.

6. Use A Mobile Island

A small kitchen might not have room for a traditional kitchen island. However, a portable kitchen island works perfectly. Since you can move it wherever you need it, it’s never in the way. This gives you more room for prep, storing small appliances and having storage underneath for pots, pans, appliances and more.

7. Customize Cabinets With Built-In Organizers

The organizers you buy separately never seem to fit quite right. This leaves you with unused space in your drawers and cabinets. However, custom cabinet organizers are made to fit perfectly, no matter what your storage needs might be.

Need a smaller Lazy Susan? You can have one custom built to fit your cabinet, including have several rotating shelves. Want a utensil organizer that doesn’t slide around? Have a drawer built where the organizer is a part of it already. Replacing older cabinets with custom cabinets lets you not only make better use of your space, but implement all your kitchen storage ideas.

8. Use Slide-Out Drawers And Shelves

Often, you might not take advantage of storage space simply because it’s hard to reach. This leads to cluttered spaces, especially countertops. One of the simplest, yet most effective kitchen storage ideas is to use slide-out drawers and shelves. Have some small items in a cabinet? Add a slide-out drawer to contain everything. It’ll slide out above your shelves for easy access. Slide-out shelves let you not only add an extra shelf or two if needed, but ensure you reach everything in the back easily.

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Image: difisher