How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinets For Your Needs

A large part of getting the kitchen of your dreams is being able to choose the best kitchen cabinets for your needs. Picking the cheapest or quickest available isn’t always the best idea in the long term.

You’ll want to think carefully about how you use your kitchen, what theme you’re going for and how long you want them to last. After all, you probably don’t want to go through a full kitchen remodel every 3-5 years.

By picking the right kitchen cabinets for your needs, your kitchen is easier to use. You’ll spend less time searching for what you need and more time cooking and entertaining.

Consider Your Overall Theme

The first step is to choose your kitchen theme. This will help you choose the best kitchen cabinets to fit your theme. For instance, if you’re thinking of a more rustic theme, you probably won’t want bright white cabinets with an ornate raised door design. You don’t actually need a theme, but pick kitchen cabinets that fit the overall style and look you want. Countertop Epoxy and HGTV have a variety of themes to inspire your own kitchen.

Choose A Door Profile

You want to think about function and style to choose the best kitchen cabinets for your needs. A good place to start when it comes to style is choosing a door profile. Do you want a flat slab, recessed miter, raised arch or something else? Odds are, you probably aren’t sure what most of those terms even mean, so the best idea is to take a look at cabinets and take pictures of what you like. This helps you figure out your options and if you’re having custom cabinets built, you can show the builder exactly what you want.

Pick A Wood And Finish

Particleboard might sound like a fabulous idea, mainly because it’s cheaper. However, it’s not so friendly when it comes to wet areas, such as around your sink. This is why if you want your cabinets to last longer, you’ll want to consider a hardwood instead. We’ve created a guide to helping you choose between different types of wood.

Of course, you’ll also want to think about your finish, such as stained, natural or painted. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, paint tends to peel over time, but stain typically soaks in deeper, making it harder to change later.

Think About Unusual Spaces

When you choose the best kitchen cabinets for your needs, they should fit your space perfectly. This means cabinets that fit in those odd corners or even around doorways. Instead of just going with the standard kitchen cabinet layout, think about how you could fit cabinets into more unusual spaces to create more storage space.

This even applies to how you use your kitchen. For instance, small custom cabinets around your range hood give you access to the utensils you use to cook with most often. Or, add extra space for moving around by creating a cabinet that folds out into a table and stores the chairs.

Skip One Size Fits All

Pre-fabricated cabinets are great for quick remodels, but they only come in a select few sizes. Your kitchen is unique and isn’t going to feel like yours with one size fits all cabinets. You’re severely limited in how you place the cabinets, how much you store in them, types of organizational features and so much more. Custom gives you the best variety of options as you can get the exact cabinets you need to fit any space or function.

Consider Function As Well

It’s easy to get hung up on the looks. However, to choose the best kitchen cabinets for your needs, you have to think about function. For instance, a standard cabinet with one or two shelves might not be the best option for storing numerous cans of food. A cabinet with pull out shelves that can handle heavier weights allows you to pull out the shelves and reach exactly what you need without any hassle.

Picking the perfect kitchen cabinets might seem difficult, but don’t worry. Look at your friends’ and family’s cabinets. Visit a custom cabinet builder to see samples of what’s possible.

When you’re ready to choose the best kitchen cabinets for your needs, contact Edgewood Cabinetry. We’ll help you design the right cabinets for your kitchen.

Image: Pixabay