Edgewood Cabinetry-Kitchen Organization

We are impressed with the power of these kitchen design must haves, and you should be too. In fact, here’s how cabinetry design can change things for you.
• Perfect Design Details
Consider dark finishes with light-colored cabinetry for an elegant look. Sleek cabinet hardware is always featured in high-end designs. It’s not just about outside hardware. It’s what’s on the inside that counts too.
• Full Extension Drawers

Be sure to select full extension drawer hardware that allows drawers to slide open all the way, making it easier to get objects in and out. The benefit of full extension drawer hardware is convenience and extra storage. With this hardware, you can have larger and deeper drawers.

• Deep Drawers

Speaking of deep cabinet drawers, place two deep drawers right beside the kitchen range for easy access to large cooking pots and pans. Another option is to use one section for a trash and recycling pull-out drawer. While you’re at it, have a few extra drawers for hidden appliances.

• A Telescoping Towel Rack

Install the telescoping towel rack in a small cabinet right under the sink. No more towels left sitting on the countertop.

• Divided Storage

Internal drawer dividers are a great way to organize kitchen utensils or spices. Custom built dividers are better than organizers purchased separately, because they offer a more refined look.

• Doors

There are many styles of cabinet doors. Try a unique color or finish to add interest. Glass cabinet doors can offer the decorative look of a china cabinet or hutch when paired with small drawers at countertop level.

• Pull Out Pantry, a Walk in Pantry

Creative cabinet features, like a pantry, are coveted. The type of pantry you choose can be due to kitchen size or preference. If you have a smaller kitchen, try an 8-inch-wide pull-out pantry. If you have room to spare, build a walk-in pantry. Of course, you can have both!

• Tray Storage Cabinet

A tray storage cabinet is a space-saver. Use it to store racks, cookie sheets, pizza pans, and cutting boards within vertical dividers. Combine the tray storage cabinet with a roll-out drawer to see everything at once.

• Home Office/TV

A lot of people like a TV, computer, or cell phone charging station in the kitchen. You can easily design a workspace utilizing a few shelves and table top. This can be customized to the size of your kitchen.

Some of the items on this list might seem unattainable to you, but don’t worry. A professional with an intuitive understanding of how to translate these ideas into creative and practical design concepts is ready to help you with your dream kitchen. To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us. Thanks.