2018 was filled with numerous trends, including beautiful and unique backsplash designs. From everything tile to mirrors and everything in between, kitchens everywhere were taking on a brand new look.

Want to get in on these trends yourself? If you’re struggling to figure out the perfect backsplash for your new kitchen or your remodel, use these trends to inspire you.

The great thing about kitchen trends is as long as you love it, they never really go out of style. And, your backsplash the perfect place to add even more personality.


This is one of the most creative types of backsplash designs. Mosaics are actually incredibly popular for all types of creative projects, including backsplashes. Glass, small tiles, wood pieces and even coins work well to create unique masterpieces. Often times, mosaic backsplashes have one central image or design with small designs or patterns off to either side.

Glass Covered Fabric

Wallpaper is frustrating for any number of reasons, especially in humid areas like your kitchen. If you love the look, but hate the peeling, create a glass covered fabric backsplash. It’s a whimsical backsplash trend for 2018. Use your favorite wallpaper or even thin fabric to create a kitchen that’s completely you. Want to make it more sentimental? Create a quilt-like design of a lost loved one’s shirts or aprons. This way, they’re always there still cooking with you.

Simple Marble

While it might not sound as fancy as the first two 2018 backsplash design trends, it’s one of the easiest and most practical. You don’t have to get too creative, but the marble still looks beautiful and elegant. Since it’s already glossy and sealed, it’s a simple matter of picking the right color and style for your kitchen. If you want something incredibly easy to clean, you can’t get much easier than marble.

Glass Tiles

As you might have noticed, glass is a major theme for 2018 backsplashes. While tile is always a popular choice, a trendy approach is to use glass tiles instead. They’re bright and colorful. Plus, the glass helps to reflect light, making your kitchen look brighter. Create fun patterns or mosaics. The great part is you can use small or large glass tiles or a combination of both. Want to be even more creative? Opt for circular or other shaped glass tiles.

Mosaic Tiles

Love mosaics but hate trying to come up with the design? Opt for 2018’s trendy mosaic tiles. These medium to large tiles each feature the same mosaic pattern to give your kitchen a more unique design over just plain-colored tiles.

Use Different Products

Usually, it comes down to using ceramic, glass, wood or brick for backslash designs, but 2018 changed things up by using a wide variety of materials. Copper, aluminum (great brightening effect), stone and stainless steel (ideal for matching with kitchen appliances) are just a few of the products homeowners are using for their backsplashes.

It’s also important to note that backsplashes are mixing products too. Much like the glass covered fabric backsplash designs, you could mix stainless steel with glass or copper tiles with ceramic tiles for an eye-catching effect.

Weathered Feel

A bright, shiny new kitchen always sounds great, but what if you want to tone it down a bit? Think about the welcoming atmosphere of a cozy bed and breakfast. The kitchen isn’t shiny, but it does seem warm and friendly. Using tiles or other materials with a weathered look (such as polished wood or even sealed brick) give your kitchen a warmer feel. This works well if you’re going for a more rustic or antique-style kitchen theme.

Large Subway Tiles

Want less grout to worry about keeping sealed and having to clean? No problem. Opt for the super trendy large subway tiles. Unlike the typical smaller tiles used to create patterns, these are named about the tiles you typically see on subway walls. The appeal? They’re much easier to clean and maintain. If you want to keep things simple and make your kitchen look larger, this is the backsplash design for you.

Mirrored Anything

One of the reasons copper and aluminum are so popular for 2018 backsplash designs is because they’re mirrored. Kitchens in 2018 started featuring far more mirrored designs. The idea is to give the kitchen a larger feel and it’s also easier to keep an eye on everything at a glance. Some kitchens use actual mirrors, while others just use more reflective surfaces. Textured and frosted mirrors also work great for backsplashes.

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Image: Toa Heftiba