When it comes time to design a mudroom, you have to think about one that works for the whole family.

Maybe you just need a few hooks to hang your coat and mat to put your boots on. However, when you add in kids, a spouse and even other relatives and guests, you’re going to need more space and way to organize everything.

Don’t worry, though. All you have to do is consider everybody’s needs and combine them together to create the perfect family mudroom.

Give Everyone Their Own Space

The most important thing to remember when you design a mudroom for the entire family is to give everyone their own space. Most of the time, you’ll see locker-style mudrooms where each family member has a different locker. Of course, these lockers can be individual cabinets or sets of shelves.

If you don’t like having tall lockers, open or closed, you can also opt for individual drawers under a bench, separate hooks, different cubicles or similar options. The idea is every person has their own space to store their supplies. Depending on the space you have available, you might want to ensure each person has a space for not just coats and shoes, but hobby/sports items too.

Consider Hobbies And Activities

While a simple mudroom with a long bench, a few coat hooks and some drawers under the bench works for some, it’s not ideal if you have family members who need storage for their hobbies and activities. For instance, what if your child plays baseball? You’d likely need taller cabinets to allow your child to store their bat, glove, cleats and gear bag.

Maybe you or your spouse plays golf. You could have a larger space for storing your golf bag so it’s easy to grab when you leave to play. You should also keep work supplies in mind. Mudrooms are a great place to store briefcases too. Design with activities and hobbies in mind so everyone has a space that fits their needs.

Color Code Spaces

The color-coded examples listed on This Old House are a great way to keep your family mudroom more organized. This is especially true if you have younger kids that may not always remember which spot is for their items.

Painting each designated area a favorite color not only brightens your mudroom, but ensures every family member knows which area is theirs. Of course, if you don’t want to paint each area, there are effective alternatives.

For instance, try using color-coded baskets to slide onto shelves or under benches. You can even add colorful shelf liners or wallpaper. Another option is to use chalkboard paint and write each person’s name at the top or on the inside of their storage area. The chalkboard option is also great for adding notes to various family members.

Provide Drawers, Cabinets & Hooks

When you design a mudroom for the whole family, you need multiple storage options. While a completely open space is nice, you’re probably going to have items you don’t want displayed to everyone who comes in your home. For instance, you might want to keep dirty shoes tucked away in a drawer or cabinet. If you have pets, you may want to keep your nice coats behind closed cabinet doors.

Ideally, your family mudroom should consist of drawers, cabinets and hooks to store a wide variety of items. For families with teens and adult children who get mail often, you may even add a small area for sorting and storing mail above each person’s storage area.

If you don’t want to add drawers, consider using baskets or plastic storage bins. These are easy to slide off and on shelves.

Add A Bench For Quick Changes

Benches are a wonderful addition to any mudroom, especially when you design a mudroom for a family. Ideally, the bench should fit two or three people at once. This allows everyone to sit down and change their shoes quickly and easily. It’s also a great place to sit down larger items, such as purses and briefcases, while changing out of a coat.

Some mudrooms even have separate seats for each family member. Instead of a long bench, there are individual seats with a locker-style cabinet between each. If your mudroom is large enough, you may consider having a bench on each side of your entryway for more space and storage for everyone.

Looking to design a mudroom to fit your family’s unique needs? Contact us today to learn more about our custom mudroom cabinets and storage solutions.

Image: JAGwired