belkin-tablet mount-edgewood cabinetry

Some things about kitchens haven’t changed in the last century.

It’s still the place where the family gathers and connects on a daily basis. Meals and memories are still made in this room. But accomplishing tasks has undergone a major transformation in the past decade, and the kitchen is now one of the most technological rooms in the house. For the most part, we’ve replaced cookbooks with tablets in the kitchen, and some custom upgrades can help you make the most of your space.

Several years ago, most houses had a computer, but it was housed on a desk in an office or living room. Now, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have created the opportunity for technology to work wherever you want it to, and for many families, the kitchen is where it happens most.

When looking for a recipe, parents don’t pull out the old, dusty cookbooks, because the same recipes can be found on any number of websites, with ratings and suggestions from other users that pretty much guarantee the finished product will be a success. Cooking is far from the only thing families use connectivity for in the kitchen. Paying bills, checking email, making grocery lists, checking children’s grades, and booking vacation destinations are just a few of the things that happen every day in kitchens across the country.

In addition, appliances are increasing in connectivity, and adding features that make everyday life easier. Via wi-fi, users can pre-heat their oven from the grocery store or start the dishwasher from work because they forgot to push the button on the way out. Refrigerators can keep a running grocery list, or suggest dinner options based on its contents.

When designing your custom kitchen, most homeowners start by choosing cabinets and countertops. Designing the most efficient layout and adding in custom organizational tools is important too. Now, it’s essential to remember that the kitchen is probably the busiest hotspot in the house, and a kitchen upgrade should take that into account too. Charging stations can be built right into outlets so you’re not constantly having to look for a wall adapter. Workstations create space for family members to work online, whether they are looking for a recipe or completing an online homework assignment.

When designing a custom kitchen, remember, your kitchen is not just for cooking. It’s a place to connect, both online, and with other people. If you foresee a renovation in the near future, contact us to create a space that encourages the integration of family and technology.