fresh kitchen herb garden-edgewood cabinetry

Cooking with herbs gives food a unique taste and an unusual flair.

Medicinal herbs are often neglected but are useful in treating a range of ailments. Some herbs fend off pests in the home, such as the use of  peppermint and lavender to displace ants and repel mice. Get these benefits quickly by starting a fresh herb garden in the kitchen.

Getting started

Spring and summer are a perfect time start this project. Herbs are widely available and at the peak of growth and flavor. Start the kitchen herb garden now while it can become established outside. If you do not have a sunny porch or deck on which to start the herb garden, a sunny window indoors will work just fine.

Choosing a container

Select a container for the herb garden that matches or complements your kitchen decor. Choose a container that is sturdy, yet lightweight enough to move outside on occasion. Long, narrow pots work well on a countertop. Round, deep pots sit well on a table or even the floor. One internet site recently showcased a herb garden planted in Mason jars. Be creative and plant your herb garden as uniquely your own.

Drainage holes in the container are helpful, but if you pick a pot that cannot be drilled, a layer of small stones will keep your soil and roots above water. If you choose a container without drainage holes, empty the water from the top.

Choosing fresh herbs for the indoor kitchen garden

Plant selections for the kitchen herb garden are seemingly unlimited. Choose perennial herbs that last for years or annual herbs which allow you to change varieties seasonally. Many flavors and colors of basil and parsley are a good starting point. Dill, chives and cilantro grow quickly and are attractive in containers. Rosemary, lavender, and lemon thyme add enticing aromas even before the cooking begins.

Once you have your fresh herb garden in the kitchen established, use it regularly. Clip herbs from the outside and clip often. This encourages growth while making herbs bushy and full. Contact us to install the perfect space to locate your kitchen herb garden.