Tips For Getting Your Kitchen Cabinets Organized

Do you keep misplacing things in your kitchen on a regular basis? Are you tired of having to search for things you need constantly? Would more useable storage do wonders for your food and sanity? Here are some good tips to help keep your cabinets organized so instead of spending forever looking for what you need, you can be cooking instead!

  • Do it once and be done: Don’t waste time by going through parts of your cabinets at a time. Set aside a few hours one day, and go through every single thing in every single cabinet. You’ll thank yourself later when it’s all done and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It is a pain, that’s why you need to knock it out. Anything you probably won’t need or is old needs to just be thrown out. Don’t hold on to stuff unnecessarily.
  • Keep an eye on dates and quantities any time you use anything: The best part about doing one big cleaning is that, as long as you’re mindful and pay attention from then on, you’ll never have to clean it again! Just check dates when you use things, put pans and other cooking gear back where it belongs every time.
  • Only purchase what you need: Buying the right amount of food is hard, it’s so easy to buy too much or too little. Most people end up buying too much. This makes it hard to organize their cabinets since there is not enough space to keep it all, and it also means you risk things expiring before you get the chance to use them. It’s a good practice to plan your meals out so that you can know what exactly you need to buy. This will also help you reduce waste and increase your organization space. Make sure that you rotate your food storage so that nothing expires or rots before use.
  • Make sure that you group similar objects: Divide your belongings into categories such as pans, pots, baking items, and even spices, among other things. This will make it easier to find your items.
  • Designate a container or bin for loose items: Most people have very random items in their cabinets. Make sure that you put your foodstuffs in clear and similar containers. This includes things such as baggies, utensils, snacks and kitchen essentials such as pancake mix, sugar, and flour. Using mismatched boxes just makes your cabinet look cluttered and fuller than it is. If you need the recipe on the box of the cereal, you could cut it out and glue it to the clear storage box or keep it in a drawer with other recipes.
  • Label the containers and bins: Once you place the items on the containers, make sure that you label them. You could use a permanent marker and tape for this. Make sure that label faces outwards to enable you to read it without having to move anything around.
  • Hang items on the cabinets: Make sure that you hang the items in the inside of the cabinets such as potholders, cups or spoons. They will take up way less space and will make it easier to locate the things you use most.

The best thing you can do for yourself is clean out your cabinets one good time, and then keep them clean and tidy from then on. It’s easier to maintain something than to have to do it from the beginning. It may seem like a daunting task but if you set aside an entire day and just get it done, you’ll thank yourself so much down the road. Take the step, go ahead and do it! If your cabinets are old and you think new custom made cabinets could do you a lot of good, we can help you out with that!