Edgewood Cabinetry custom cabinets

Are you looking to take the plunge of installing kitchen cabinets? You got seemingly endless choices and design styles, but this makes your kitchen remodeling venture an overwhelming experience. Before the enthusiasm gets the better of you, it’s good to ask yourself some simple questions to put together your expectations and figure out what you want.

Function and Design

Cabinets are often termed as workhorses of your kitchen and are rightly so because they give your space both structure and flow. Cabinets are an essential part of any kitchen design. They have to be durable and well crafted. Above all, with a spectacular kitchen cabinet design, you can make your space look unique and integrate well with the overall décor. Custom cabinets can bring that design to any kitchen. Here are some questions to narrow down your choices.

What Style is Best?

Whether you’re after a country style, rustic, contemporary, or love the shaker style, it’s all your personal preference. Your kitchen cabinet has to go along the type of kitchen you envision. So, jot down three or four options that you think will work as per the budget and space available in your kitchen. Remember to consider the overall style of your home so that the kitchen does not conflict with it.

Which Cabinet Style Requires Minimum Maintenance?

The kitchen is the busiest area in the house and presents the most significant cleaning challenge with food stains, dirt, and splatters on every surface. This challenge includes the cabinets, and you can deal with this with practical, easy-to-maintain cabinets. Cabinet finishes that stain or show dirt easily should be avoided.

Regardless of the style of cabinet you prefer, you always have to keep in mind your family’s lifestyle and requirements. You can’t go with fancy kitchen cabinets with young children and a busy family in your house. Instead, you have to look for easy-to-maintain cabinets that have got minimal details, flush ends, and dark stain cabinets.

What Type of Hardware?

Kitchen cabinets are a hefty investment, and one must not run after the trendy and glossy styles. Look for a clean and streamlined style that remains timeless, and then you won’t have to fresh every few years. Think of kitchens from the 60s and 70s that look so dated. What makes them look dated? Keep the items that are expensive to replace more classic in style. Go trendy with wall colors and accessories. The hardware, including cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, can drastically update the look of your kitchen. The bottom Line

Edgewood Cabinetry

Finding the right kitchen cabinet without a workable approach may seem perplexing. But you can narrow down your choices with the requirements and inputs you have in your mind. You’re investing your hard-earned money, and you deserve to get the best experience. Edgewood Cabinetry can create custom cabinets that are right for your style. Let us help you with the selection process. Meet with one of our designers and get the kitchen you’ll love for years—Call 919-339-7300 to schedule an appointment.