When you’re replacing your kitchen cupboards, it’s not as easy as taking them down and putting up a duplicate. Before you start replacing anything, you should do some careful planning first. Whether you’re replacing your cupboards due to damage or you just want something new, planning before you do anything else will make sure you get the kitchen you want. Take your time when choosing to replace your kitchen cupboards. After all, you’ll be using them for years to come. Make sure you get the perfect cupboards for your needs.

Come up With a Budget

what-to-consider-before-replacing-your-kitchen-cupboardsBefore you do anything else, decide on a budget. This will help you determine what’s most important and where to compromise. For instance, you might choose to go with a specific type of wood, but scale back on the hardware. It’s a good idea to look around at your cupboard options, such as pre-fabricated, different types of wood and custom options, just to better understand pricing.

You’ll also need to factor in whether you’ll be installing them yourself or having someone else do it as this will affect the cost.

Any Size Changes

When replacing your kitchen cupboards, do you want to keep the sizes exactly the same or try something different? For example, do you want to keep the space above your cupboards or add a few more inches of space inside the cupboards? Now is the time to adjust sizes to get better storage for your needs. You might choose to make some smaller and others larger, such as a larger cupboard for pots and pans, but a much smaller one for baking pans.

Pre-Fab Or Custom-Built

The Ultimate In Cabinet AccessoriesReplacing your kitchen cupboards leaves you with one major overall choice – pre-fabricated, semi-custom or custom-built? Each type has its benefits. Obviously, stock and pre-fabricated cabinets are usually cheaper, but you’ll be much more limited on your sizes and options. They also usually don’t last nearly as long.

Semi-custom cabinets are a blend of stock and custom cabinets. You can customize some features, but not all. They’re slightly more expensive. Finally, custom-built cabinets are the longest-lasting cabinets and offer full customization. While more expensive, they’ll stand the test of time and save you only costly replacements later.

Same Or More Customized

You’re not required to put up the exact same cupboards. Of course, if you love what you have, you’ll want to keep things roughly the same. However, consider customizing your cupboards a little. Add some organizational features. Change the shelves or turn some shelves into roll-out shelves to make things easier to reach. While you don’t have to go overboard, even a few simple customizations make your entire kitchen easier to use.

Integrating With Appliances

Think about how your cupboards will integrate with your appliances. Replacing your kitchen cupboards also gives you a great opportunity to hide some of your large appliances or take more advantage of the space around them. For example, you might want to build custom cabinets around your refrigerator or build a wine cooler into your cabinets. You can even create roll-down sections to cover up kitchen appliances like your mixer and toaster oven.

Creating More Storage Space

Storage space is always a top priority whether your kitchen is big or small. It’s kind of like closet space. There never seems to be enough. Before replacing your kitchen cupboards, think about ways to create more storage space. How could you change cabinet sizes to better fit your dishes? Do you need more drawers than shelves? Could you turn the baseboard into a drawer for pans? You could even take advantage of empty space around your doorframe to store smaller items.

The idea is to get creative and make the most of the room you have. Taking with a custom cabinet builder will give you a lot of great ideas.

At Edgewood Cabinetry, we want to help you replace your kitchen cupboards with ones you’ll love and make your kitchen easier to use. Contact us today to discuss your dream kitchen.