cabinet shims

Cabinet installation can be a major problem when you suddenly find out that your floors aren’t level or the walls in your kitchen aren’t plumb. That’s a frustration those of us here at Edgewood Cabinetry sometimes run across in various homes. However, there’s some ways to fix that using a little ingenuity and available tools to deal with the unexpected.

Dealing With Uneven Walls

While we’ll assure to measure your walls before installing your cabinets, uneven walls can still be a problem at the last minute due to certain circumstances. Many times we’ll just use a level to take note of how uneven a wall is beforehand and build the cabinet to align properly with the uneven shape.

Another trick after the fact is to use scribes that help align the cabinet to the wall. These are usually built in automatically to cabinets for alignment purposes. With the scribes located along the lip of the cabinet in back, they’re used as a marker to help shape the cabinet properly. Scribe tools can help with this and work similarly to a protractor. By drawing a pencil line near the area where the scribes meet the wall, you can use a saw on the cabinet to shape it so it fits in place.

Dealing with Uneven Floors

Placing shims under your cabinet is the ultimate answer to helping deal with uneven floors. This might require some measuring beforehand to get the cabinet in place correctly up against a wall. It also may require more scribes along the wall to make sure everything is in alignment. You may also have to use a leveler if the cabinet doesn’t line up with the wall. Plus, a saw may have to be used again to shape the cabinet so it lines up correctly.

Old House Web reminds that base cabinets should be conjoined with screws so there’s no gaps in between. This can cause additional problems with alignment when a floor or walls are misshaped.

Here at Edgewood Cabinetry, we’ll make sure all these steps are done so it won’t mean going back to the drawing board after construction is done. Our master craftsman, Pete Rafferty, has had years of experience dealing with every uneven wall and floor, plus more. Most of all, he’ll make sure your cabinets look exactly the way you want them on the exterior as much as how they fit.

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