office shelving

A well-organized office helps you focus and stay productive. So if you’re still working at your kitchen counter or a simple desk in your home office, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Here are 5 things cabinets can do.

1. Add Storage to Your Desk

Do you have stacks of papers, files, and office supplies all over your desk? Undoubtedly, investing in a custom office desk that includes cabinets can help. Truly, your desk should function as more than a place to set your laptop. First, think of all the things you need to use at your desk. Now, imagine having a desk that includes built-in storage for all of it. Nice, right?

Here at Edgewood Cabinetry, we build custom desks to your specifications, so the sky is the limit on the features you’d like to include.  Need a paper tray to organize your notes, incoming, and outgoing mail? No problem. Want to corral all your small office supplies? Built-in drawers with drawer organizers are perfect. Or maybe you can’t stand clutter. Then, keep your necessary supplies out of sight behind hidden panels. The possibilities are endless.

2. Create Designated Work Areas

You don’t have to fit everything on your desk. Utilizing custom cabinets allows you to create designated work areas within your office. For example, instead of keeping your printer on your desk, create a separate printing station. Add cabinets to hold extra supplies, like reams of paper. Or build custom bookcases to organize your books and display your favorite items.

Creating designated spaces within your office helps it feel bigger and brings necessary flow to the environment. With this in mind, anything you don’t constantly use can be tucked away in its own separate area but continue to be easily accessible when you need it.

3. Improve Style

Let’s face it, while your home office is about working, it’s a lot more pleasant if you enjoy the space. Fortunately, custom office cabinets allow you to bring in your own personal style. So think about the style you like best and replicate that within your office.

Whether you enjoy a sleek, modern design, a more traditional approach, with stately furnishings and plenty of wood grain on display, or anything in between, we have custom cabinet options to suit your taste. Plus, we can match any color stain or paint and add custom moldings and appliques to enhance the style of your room.

4. Hide Your Cables

Technology has brought a lot to our lives, but one of the things we really didn’t ask for? All those cords and cables. Phones, printers, computers, monitors–chances are, your office contains a lot of power cords and cables. So if you’re sick of tripping over them, hitting them with your foot when you’re sitting at your desk, or just seeing them all the time, let custom cabinets ease your troubles.

Thankfully, with hidden cable storage, your cables can be tucked out of sight no matter where in your office you choose to house your electronics. But don’t worry, they’re still easily accessible if you ever need to move your electronics or replace your cables.

5. Increase Your Space

Feeling cramped? Multiply your useful space with custom cabinets. No matter how small your home office is, custom cabinets can help you increase your space. Significantly, with custom cabinets, you’re not limited to the dimensions available from big box stores. As a result, you’ll be able to use of more (or all) of your wall space. If you have limited floor space but plenty of empty walls, custom cabinets are a perfect solution to increase your functional storage.

For instance, add custom-built book cases with book case ladders, fit more into your cabinets with custom organizers, or include built-in chair storage to help free up your space. Alternatively, try rolling storage carts for less frequently used items. When not in use, they can be tucked into a corner or closet. We can even add a custom entertainment center to your office, which is perfect if you spend a lot of time on video calls and conferences.

Are you ready to upgrade your home office? Contact us to get started.